Guys, listen here, if you don’t already know, now you do. The balayage obsession is REAL. Yes, I’m fully into it, and I’ve got the lovely Ninette at Scar to thank for my balayage. All the cool kids are doing it. (AKA it’s all over Pinterest and Instagram). Are you on board with this balayage trend? […]


Hiiiiii So, I’m not sure about you, but my hair is pretty fickle when it comes to BFFs. One week it looooooves this new shampoo, the next week – over it, and on to the next one. Anymore, less about my hair’s imaginary feelings and more about my hair’s current BFF – Dove’s pure care dry […]

sorbet eye masks

  Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone is having a delightful day and that you’re dominating your to-do lists. I thought I’d share my thoughts about this Sorbet Smoothing Under Eye Masks which will brighten and renew your life this Wednesday. I picked this baby up from Clicks a few weeks ago, after a long day […]


  Hiiiiii It’s Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Anyway, now that I’ve got that delightful song stuck in your head, let’s get back to business. A little while ago this lovely tin landed on my desk, and I was intrigued to see what was inside. Nivea have used their original Nivea Creme as the […]


Hiii lovely people. Hope you’re all having a great Thursday! Today I wanna chat to you about these new babies from GOSH cosmetics that I got my hands on a while ago and since I’ve been all over the place I just haven’t had a chance to write about them on the blog. So I […]


Helloooooo. So, I’ve got a bit of a confession to make, I’ve been spending far too much time on Pinterest lusting over clothes and pinning far too many things, it’s becoming a bit of a problem. After a long chat with Talya, and rethinking my wardrobe, I’m in the process of decluttering my wardrobe (and […]

weekend away

Hiiii guys. So happy that our site is back up and running, it was a long two weeks of admin and call centres and bla but finally it’s all sorted. Sho, after all of that I could use a lovely weekend away. A few weeks ago (months ago now, where has the time gone?!) I […]


Hiiiii So, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately you would’ve seen a guest review from Dean who has been trying out the Elgydium whitening toothpaste (you can check out the first impressions here). Here’s what he had to say two weeks later: After using the toothpaste for over 2 weeks. There are a […]


Hiiiiiiii guys. So today I’m talking about cleansing and make-up removing (for those who know me, yes I am often guilty of going to bed without taking off my make-up, I admit it). I’ve experimented with face washes, gel cleansers, masks, different make-up removers, and all of that, but to be honest I normally find […]


Hello *waves* For me, one of my favourite things about winter is that I get to wear all of the winter clothes that I’ve forgotten about over the other seasons, that and dark nails! This winter I’ve really been enjoying the dramatic dark red (almost black nails). Here is some inspo and if you read […]