Smudged Dolls

Smudged was created out of a sheer desire to learn from each other and share our knowledge. As four 20-somethings who met in grade 8 at a convent in Cape Town; (we weren’t sent there- just attended the school) we all loved similar things and more importantly, despite going in different directions, have an honest and open relationship with each other.

Being very modern and tech savvy (LOL) ladies, far too much time has been spent reading and scouring beauty blogs that we’ve found inspiring. Being such a diverse group of people, we have very different needs and living in South Africa happens to really limit us in terms of affordability and availability. Since we  already give each other our opinions on products and beauty tips, we decided to put it in a blog in order to share our candid knowledge. And lets face it; we women spend an awful lot of money on beauty products and a fair amount of time wishing we hadn’t.

Every item mentioned on this blog is purchased with our own money unless otherwise stated. We test all of the products we mention ourselves in order to give our honest opinions. Please remember: none of us work in the beauty industry nor do we think we are experts in any way. This is an opinionated blog and you might not totally agree. Every one is different; with different perceptions, needs, wants, skin, hair etc etc. We’re cool with that.

So here we are: showing our bare naked faces (eep!), unplucked brows and being damned open about it. Happy reading!



  1. Looking forward to reading more! Love the pic! xx

    1. Thank you so much Charlene! :)

  2. great idea ladies! beauty comes from within, oh so natural!
    sharing knowledge leads to more knowledge…its contagious! cant wait to smudge your ideas together, looking forward to more from you all!

  3. Looking forward to reading this blog! Great Idea!

    1. Thanks so much Dianne!

  4. […] What is Smudged you ask? It’s a South African based Beauty Blog, written and curated by four South African girls who all have different wants and needs from make-up and beauty products. You can read more about Smudged here. […]

  5. What awsumness have a stumbled upon? Go girls, go.

  6. Glenda · · Reply

    Awesome pics ladies. Love the beer and donuts. So what can you ladies offer an over 40 year old who still thinks she is 20 something? Just bear in mind that sometimes I need some serious panel beating ‘cos spray painting is not always enough:)

    1. Thank you :) We can offer honest reviews on products available in SA, and hopefully we’ll be doing some mom makeovers in the future! (My mom is a bit nervous about the photos tho!)

    2. Don’t worry, I might need you soon, mom. :P

  7. I LOVE the photo – absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Aw thanks Kezzles!

  8. Jess you look smokin’ – love the beer in hand! ha x

    1. Thanks Tal – you know me and alcohol ;)

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