My daily make-up routine: Beth

Hello people of the internet! Along with this being my first Smudged post, it is also my very first blog post ever!!! So please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors you are about to read while I try to amuse you all with my ramblings. I first just want to say that I think you can categorize two types of women in this make-up world; one who thinks that Priscilla Presley’s wedding make-up was totally over the top and completely inappropriate for her wedding day and the ones who think it was fab, high glamour and represented exactly who she was at the time. I happen to be the latter. So I tend to go big or go home with my make-up, and to say that I wear make-up every day would be a lie. I’m comfortable with how I look au naturel (self-love people!), but waaaay prefer a dolled-up look. So below you’ll see a sort of look that I would slap on if I had to have lunch with a friend or do a quick shop, nothing too fancy and verrrrrry low maintenance for me.


So here’s the very minimal of what I would use. I’ve linked the brands’ websites so you can read up a bit about the product if interested, and will talk you through how and what I use them for under each photo.

Step 1: Foundation 


I don’t like wearing a full coverage foundation during the day as I feel self-conscious that it’s very noticeable in the daylight so I rather opt for a BB Cream. Foundation in the daylight can reveal just how tired you were getting up early to put it on, so if you don’t blend it in correctly it can reveal all!  I use the Garnier BB cream in the light shade and work it in with my fingers as it has a very solid texture and a brush would leave streaks.

Step 2: Concealer


I have hectic circles under my eyes which are pronounced even more so by my deep-set eyes so concealer is a must. I’m currently using the Maybelline Mineral Power liquid concealer. It’s not the best, but fine for during the day. I do not own a concealer brush (yet) but working in the product with your fingers is just as good if not better and you really need a concealer to melt into your skin to prevent creasing. The warmth from your fingers helps to do that.

Step 3: Brow Gel


I feel naked without my brows filled in so to keep them in place all day I use my heavy duty MAC brow gel. This stuff is the bomb diggidy! If I apply it before I fill my brows in with a pencil it helps to hold the product so much more throughout the day!

Step 4: Eyeliner


While I’m waiting for my brow gel to set, I line my upper lash-line with a brown eye pencil. Currently I’m using a Body Shop eye pencil in Taupe. I find a black too harsh for the day, so a brown is great for work. It’s very subtle and as my make-up will inevitably smudge throughout the 8 hour work day, I don’t have to worry about black pigment creeping down and around my eyes.

Step 5: Brow Pencil


I fill in my brows using MAC’s fling brow liner. The colour is pretty perfect for blondes (however the photo makes them look kinda dark). I personally find the brow liner stays on the brow for longer when I apply it after the gel, but that’s just my preference. I am a self-declared brow fanatic, so I am okay with spending a bit more on brow products, however I am always looking for a cheaper alternative. I swear I’m not an over-plucker either! I have very blonde hairs where my brows taper towards the ends, so although they are there, they are invisible. I lust over Cara Delevingne’s!

Step 6: Blush


And boom! Brows appear! Although they look very overdone in this pic, I swear they are more natural looking in real life. I then whack on a powder blush in a very light shade,  I used a Body Shop blush however it’s pretty old and not exactly the one I have linked here. Although I have dryish skin the BB cream is exceptionally oily so I can get away with a powder.

Step 7: Mascara


I currently only have one mascara that I use most days and it’s part of the Maybelline Colossal brand. I gave my others away in the hopes to start up a new superior mascara collection and this the starting one. It’s a great mascara for both thickening at the roots and lengthening the lashes, but it’s not an either or, so it doesn’t astound me in either category.


Tadaaaaah! I forgot to take a pic of the Yardley Oatmeal 2-1 blemish stick that I have repurchased about 5 times already and is a firm favourite of mine. It is amazing for covering up zits and red spots because it 1) has antibacterial ingredients so it heals while it covers 2) has a very waxy texture so it stays put on your foundation and wont budge so you wouldn’t have to check out how well your attempts to hide your zits are holding up.

I dont go cray with my lips either, often I just stick to a lip balm like DCT Blistex. I kinda feel if you wear colour on your lips it must hold up all day long or don’t wear it at all because there is nothing worse than lipstick that bleeds all over your lips and face. Aint nobody got time for that!

So there you have it! I’d choose sleep over a long make-up routine in the morning, but if I’m going out at night it’s a whole other story. So stick around to hear that one :)




  1. Yes it is pretty yellow, was bought for me in Japan from my sister though :/ I’ll research another good drugstore concealer for you that you can find here :)

  2. I definately need to invest in a concealer – is the one you use okay for skin with a yellowish undertone?

    1. If you’re looking for good concealer for yellow toned skins, I recommend you check out either Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, Revlon Photoready concealers, Bourjois healthy mix concealer and when it eventually launches here, Rimmel Wake Me Up concealers also:)

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