My daily make-up routine: Mich

Hey guys! I’m Mich, the fourth member of the awesomeness that is Smudged. I love make-up and beauty shiz, probably more than I care to admit. Like I sometimes fantasise about winning a Reggie’s Rush through Dischem. I know right, dream big.

Today I’m going to show you my everyday make-up routine. I wish I could say I just smooth on some Chapstick as I run out the door (think Anne Hathaway in the beginning of Devil Wears Prada) but I’m definitely not that low-maintenance. I love me some cat-eye liner, so my make-up look tends to revolve around that. Here’s what I start out with…


It’s hard out there for a ginger, yo. Onto the embarrassingly long list of steps!


(Here are my everyday products. I’m a bit of a brand slut, so these do change fairly often.)

Step 1. Primer


If I know I’m going to be out all day I’ll slap on some MAC Prep + Prime. This smooths out your face for even application and makes sure your make-up sticks. It also reduces redness, a huge plus for me. I apply it using a foundation brush.

Step 2: Foundation


Next it’s foundation time. I use MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation in NC15. It’s really hard to find foundation for pale, pink-toned skin in South Africa, and I find this matches perfectly. I use a MAC stippling brush which helps to keep the foundation on the surface of your face and not settling into pores and lines. I start in the centre of my face and work outwards. This gives the most coverage to the bits that need it, while making sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask. Then I buff away with the stippling brush. Oh, and I never forget my neck and chest! Dammit people, stop that nonsense.

Step 3: Illuminator


If I have a massive zit, I might break out some concealer (Benefit’s Boi-ing is great for pale skin), but if everything’s behaving then I’ll just cover up with illuminator. I use MAC Prep + Prime highlighter in Radiant Rose. (Interesting sidenote: the MAC lady told me that this is the dupe for YSL’s iconic Touche Eclat) It might seem strange to ‘highlight’ imperfections, but illuminator will reflect light away from them and so can work as a disguise. This works particularly well if you’re super pale like me, since our skin often tends to match highlighter shades better than concealer shades. Anyhoo, I also apply this under my eyes, nose, top of my chin, under and above my brows, and on my cheekbone. This gives me a nice glow that stops my make-up from looking too matte and one-dimensional.

Step 4: Powder


I really don’t like feeling shiny, so a translucent powder is a must. This also helps to set your make-up and keep it in place. I usually use the Yardley pressed powder in Translucent, and apply it with a big fluffy powder brush. I apply it by holding two fingers against the middle of the brush and gently pressing the powder into my skin.

Step 5: Brows


I’m a natural redhead, so my eyebrows and lashes are naturally completely white. This really does not help to define any features, so I tint them brown. In between tints I need to fill them in, which I do using the Benefit Brow Zings kit in Light. It has a powder to colour them in and a tinted wax to keep them in place. I fill them in as best I can and brush through to make sure the colour is even.

Step 6: Eye shadow


Next I sweep a shimmery golden-beige over my eyelids. I use the light side of Accessorize Baked Duo in 13 Thalia. (This seems to no longer exist, but it looked a bit like this duo bronzer)

Step 7: Eyeliner




I really can’t remember the last time I went out without cat-eye liner. It’s my favourite beauty look and I feel naked without it. I apply MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack with a MAC eyeliner brush (an angled eyeshadow brush can also work well here). I first try to get the line thickness right before drawing the flicks. When I can see that the angle is the same on both eyes, I go over the line with a felt-tip eyeliner like the Essence eyeliner pen. This is probably only necessary if, like me, your lashline is white and you need to fill in the gaps with black. I then use an earbud to clean up any mistakes and make sure the line is clean.

Step 8: Mascara


Next I curl my lashes before using Maybelline Colossal Volume Smokey Eyes. I love this mascara because you can build up layers without making your lashes crunchy. I wiggle it into the lashline and push the lashes up to keep them curled.

Step 9: Lips


I don’t usually bother too much with lipstick in the day, but I like to add a bit of colour with a  tinted balm like Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon.

And that’s me done! Here’s the before and after…



Much happier!





  1. You didn’t need any of that really, you were gorgeous to begin with.

  2. […] too. Those ladies know an easy target when they see one. This is the highlighter that I used in my everyday make-up routine post, which you can see I use a bit like a concealer. It’s a subtle version of a highlighter, […]

  3. Your hair colour is amazing! Great reading up on your daily routine.
    O so inspired

    1. Aw thank you! You just made my evening ;)

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