Red Lips

Our next post is up on A Fashion Friend and it’s all about red lipstick. Read it here.




  1. […] So when we were asked by one of our readers to do a post on red lips that are smooch proof; I figured I’d take my years of knowledge paired with my moms love of a stay all day lippie to share some tricks, tips and more importantly, products that I’ve personally tried and tested to keep my lips on me and not on my gent. If you’re just looking for a red and not all too perturbed about who it rubs off on, we’ve done a review on a bunch of other red beauties here. […]

  2. Wow what a co-incidence, I wanted to ask you about red lipstick. I bought the Inglot 126. It’s brighter then I originally wanted. I prefer the 2nd lipstick in your pic above but they didn’t have darker. Also I wasn’t the one paying so I just grabbed. The colour doesn’t look bad on me but it’s very eye catching. I’m so scared to wear it *wimp* I also have red nail polish in the same shade. I’m not as brave as I thought!

    1. Oh good, glad it was relevant for you :) What undertone do you have? A good trick, if you want a more ‘natural’ looking red, is to match it to your undertone. For example I’m pale with cool undertones, so a blue red looks more natural on me than a warm red.
      Having said that, confidence is the best way to pull off red! Embrace your inner femme fatale and rock it :)

      1. I’m pale with yellow undertones. This shade is more warm red than pink, so it does work with my skin. Summer is nearly here so the brighter the better I guess haha! Gonna strut and work this red!

      2. Another lovely trick when you’ve bought a bold lip and realised you’re not as bold as you thought is to layer it or pat it into a nice stain. It’s been a huge trend recently to layer a bold lippie underneath a full swipe of your favourite nude. It gives that VA-VA-VOOM factor but also allows you to wear it during the day or when you aren’t completely sold that it’s the perfect colour for you :) Let us know how you get on with those suggestions and tweet us a pic!

  3. I have the one in the middle and it’s gorgeous!

    1. I love it!! I think it was a limited edition, so lucky us :)

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