RHPS Inspiration

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Today we’re all about the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We’re going to see it on Saturday at The Fugard Theatre and we cannot contain our an… tici…. PATION. All of us Smudged girls are kinda obsessed with RHPS. We watched the movie last weekend as a warm up and now we’re ready to put on our fishnets, corsets, and heels. We’re thinking big red lips (which we spoke about on A Fashion Friend yesterday), the highest heels we own and, of course, putting on far too much make-up.  (Some of us may also be kinda excited to see Rocky prance around in a gold speedo, cough me cough).

We’re so obsessed with RHPS that we have a Pinterest board dedicated to the play and all of it’s amazingness for some make-up inspiration. You can find it here.

We may or may not have something special coming up on A Fashion Friend next week all about Rocky Horror, so stay tuned.

If you’ve been to see RHPS at The Fugard we’d love to hear what you thought, and if you dressed up – send us photos!




  1. […] while ago when we posted some inspiration for Rocky Horror Picture Show, there were some glitter nails that just screamed Columbia. I decided to react these nails for […]

  2. I’m dying to go see it! It’s been a fave of mine for years. I love Magenta with her crazy red hair. Have a blast ladies :)

    1. Magenta is amazing! We can’t wait – we’ll post photos :)

    2. I’m hoping to get my hair that big on Saturday! Will post a tutorial if it works :)

  3. I LOVE RHPS!!! I am green!! xx

    1. Love it too! Been my favourite since I was little. Always wanted to dress up like Columbia!

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