Shimmy Shake


We’ve already spoken all about highlighters here on Smudged.  Michelle went through all of the liquid highlighters and broke the news that we can all buy that radiant glow that people get when they’re in love or preggers. With this in mind, today I’m reviewing my favourite highlighter and one of my must-have beauty products: Shimmer Waves from the Body Shop. It’s one of the very few products that I use every single day, and is definitely worth a spot in your nap-over bag (but more on this later). It can give you cheekbones. CHEEKBONES. This product can actually give the illusion of cheekbones, I’m in love.

Where to buy: any Body Shop store

How much: R185

I think this is my third Shimmer Waves highlighter from the Body Shop. The first one I used up completely until I honestly couldn’t get anything more from it, and the second one I unfortunately dropped and it shattered into a million pieces (warning: handle this product with care; if you do happen to drop the highlighter, it will never be the same again).

I think I have quite a bit of pink pigment in my skin, so I’m always rather scared of blush (read VERY scared, like almost the same fear I reserve for foundation). I love this highlighter because it can give you the illusion of cheekbones (HELL YEAH) and gives you that tiny bit of sparkle for the evening.  The whole point of a good highlighter is to reflect light. For more on this, and where to apply the highlighter, view our previous post here.

I tried a whole lot of other highlighters too, just to give you a bit of a comparison and try not to make it too obvious that the Shimmer Waves highlighter is one of my absolute favourites.

Of course, what’s a review of a beauty product if you don’t get to see it on one of our beautiful faces. One of my favourite things about this highlighter is that you can really build it up as much as you like. Here’s a photo of me (wearing very little other make-up) feeling VERY hungover, this is dedication! Despite the fact that I’m hungover, you can see the cheekbones yes? (I even took off the sunglasses for you, be impressed)


To give you a bit more about powdered highlighters, and to prove my dedication to cheekbones and the illusion of them, I tried out four other highlighters so that you can see what all the fuss is about. CHEEKBONES PEOPLE.


Going clockwise from the top:

And here is a swatch of all of the above highlighters, in the same order:


Would love to know if you use a powdered highlighter, and if you do, which one you use. Leave a comment or tweet us @smudgedbeauty. Hope you have a sparkly Wednesday filled with cheekbones.




  1. I’ve been using Kangol’s shimmering bronzing powder for about 4 years now! Its so amazing that I’m blinded to any other bronzer/highlighter. I love how it brightens my face and gives me cheekbones and its a combination of gold, bronze and pink so it gives off an all in one glimmered look. Its so similar to the body shop one that’s tried out here so I’ll probably give that a try too :) Also, from time to time I use the Revlon Colorstay mineral powder mentioned above. That also creates a perfect shimmer and is a wonderful product altogether!

    1. Oooh – the bronze, gold and pink combo sounds amazing! Going to look out for that. I can’t recommend the Body Shop bronzer enough, so definitely give it a try, would love to hear what you think :)

  2. […] Yesterday on Smudged I wrote all about one of my favourite beauty products; Shimmer Waves from The Body Shop. I’m OBSESSED with it because it gives you CHEEKBONES. Yes, cheekbones, you heard me. Read the full post here. […]

  3. Tweet us a photo @smudgedbeauty we would love to see!

  4. amandafairholt414 · · Reply

    Hello, this is Amanda sending love all the way from American Samoa!
    I do have some powder highlighters but, I don’t use them often. I wear them when I need a quick highlight or don’t feel like doing that “Kim Kardashian” glow look. My favorite powder highlighter has to be MACs Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Shape the future. I use the lighter shade as my highlighter and use very little to give me a subtle glow to my face. You must try if you can!

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