Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler Review

Okay, so basically this little device is a battery operated eyelash curler that heats up as you press it to your lashes, making them curl. Sounds scary, sounds painful, and it sounds like you could potentially burn your lashes off with one go. However this is not the case! As recommended by fellow Smudger Michelle, I decided to purchase this gadget to replace my existing metal curler. Please note that I bought it with the cash monies that I earn because I wanted to try it out and that nobody sent me free shiz. Firstly let’s check out what Ardell has to say about this little beast:

“ Now you can have perfect, curled lashes in seconds! With the Ardell Lash Curler, there is no pulling, crimping, or any damage to your eyelash or lid. It is quick, easy, and absolutely painless. The Heated Eye Lash Curler is battery operated with a temperature-sensitive silicon pad that changes colour when it is ready to be used. ”


In a nutshell, yes, it does all that. And I appreciate that they didn’t fluff up the product description and also added how it works before reading the instructions. I also want to say that I do think it “crimps” the lashes because that’s how you curl your lashes to begin with, duhhh, but doesn’t bend it to like a 90 degree angle. And it is fokof painful if you get your lid squeezed between the clamps, but that would probably be your fault and not the products. It doesn’t burn your lids either, so you can get up close and hold it against the lid without having to pull it away before you’ve finished. I can barely feel the heat on my eyelid that’s produced from the curler.


My uncurled natural lashes sans mascara

Right, so I decided to give this curler a go because I felt I could achieve a better curl with a product that was heated. If you think about it, using heat is the best way to manipulate hair into bending or waving or even straightening. So if you wanna curl your hair you use a heated curler/wand and an eyelash is also hair, so technically the same theory can be applied. I’ve also heard that blasting your metal curler with your hairdryer for a couple of seconds before you start curling can help (metal conducts heat nogal) so I thought that this concept sounded like a win! I also was finding that when I squeezed my metal curler the arm of the device and the shape of it pressed into my lid so that after I opened and released I got those little black stars and felt slightly cross-eyed. So although my existing metal curler did its job, it didn’t do it well enough for me to not want to replace it.


Now onto the performance review! I was quite nervous, although I had faith, about whether this curler would live up to my expectations. Although Mich owns one I had actually never tried it out before! I was just so taken with the idea I was willing to let go of my 50 bucks!

So let me just say firstly that the device is not a well-constructed, sturdy beauty device. It looks chipeely and is very light and seems breakable. You wouldn’t want this to fall on your tiled bathroom floor in case the plastic chipped and the sides could not come back together again. Packaging wise it’s not particularly enthralling  and if I hadn’t been looking for it I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. I also think they could have done a better job advertising their selling point, being the fact that it is HEATED, and the packaging really doesn’t show that besides the title.


I actually was so half expecting it to bum out that when I tried to get it going for the first time and it didn’t I went straight back to the store and asked for another to test or to get my cash back. Funny thing, after all the driving around it turns out I was using uncharged rechargeable batteries :P. In my defence, they were still in their packaging so I thought they were brand new!

Anywho, to get it heated you press and lift the lower clamp up with your thumb and hold it up against the top clamp until the green light turns on and the red pad turns white. This pad has a silicon rubber head so it’s very gentle when it clamps your lashes but also is a great indicator to let you know when the curler is ready to be used (the red turns white). You then squeeze your lashes in between the curler just as you would with a standard metal curler, and release once you feel you’ve curled enough. Piece of pie really :)


Top: No mascara/uncurled lashes Middle: Only left lashes curled/with mascara Bottom: Both lashes curled/with mascara

Now onto the pros and cons:


1) It curls your lashes quickly and I feel your lashes retain the curl for longer as heat was applied (ever tried curling your hair with a wand and the heat is off?)

2) It doesn’t bend your lashes at the roots but rather crimps them upwards

3) Doesn’t dig into my eyes and cause temporary blindness for a few seconds x_x

4) Relatively cheap


1) The shape is rather awkward, as your thumb will inevitably be pressed into your cheek. Also it’s super difficult to use on someone else, you cannot get your hand around to keep pressing the camp up. I really couldn’t use it on my friend and she had never used a curler before so I couldn’t even ask her to do it :/

2) Seems rather breakable but I guess you get what you paid for, a cheap-ass piece of plastic with a couple of wires connected to create heat.

But it’s a cheap-ass piece of plastic I really really enjoy using and owning too! I think the only way I would stop using it is if I could buy a heated curling wand that is similar to mascara, but so far I haven’t come across any here in SA so I am very content with what I’ve got.

It’s a really great product for the price and although I am nervous as to how long it will last I am very happy with my Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler :)

You can buy this curler at Clicks for R49,99

Happy curling,




  1. Where in South Africa can one purchase this specific curler?

    1. Hi Judy – you can buy this from Clicks.

  2. Hy, I have the same one and I love it. Greets, Steffi

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  4. Hi there!
    Hmm it’s definitely not faster than a metal curler, but it’s not particularly fast either :/ I’m a pretty patient person when it comes to make-up (I can honestly take 1 hour to do my make-up) so it doesn’t bug me all that much, I guess I use the time to pack things away or clean up while I wait. Perhaps you need new batteries? For me it’s like waiting for your ghd to get hot :p The waiting is inevitable.
    Thanks so much for the compliment :D Hope you get the most out of yours!
    P.S I used Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express mascara

  5. Hi Beth! I just recently bought this from Clicks as well. Did you not find it takes way too long to heat up?
    I should give it another go, because your lashes looks amazing!

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