Nails Did: The simplest of nail arts

I’m going to be the first to admit that I spend far too much time caring about Zooey Deschanel’s nail art* (I love her, I don’t care what anyone says and when I grow up I want to be her) but a lot of things worry me about nail art. Today’s post isn’t a hate on nail art though, in fact it’s all about bravery and nails. Arty nails.

Nail art to me is a wonderful, feminine and empowering bit of fun that our dudes aren’t really too keen on, but it really makes me happy as well as being bang on trend. For other people. The main reason it scares me though, is because I feel like my overly shakey hand will never be precise enough and that being a lefty means I can effectively only paint one hand properly and the other will be wonky. Not cool. I also feel like it doesn’t really suit me, like I’m not really ‘quirky’ enough for it. So stupid, I know it’s just nail polish and I can just take it off if it isn’t up to my perfectionist standards nor does my nails dictate my personality. So much over-thinking!

Here’s how to get a trendy but easily achievable nail look that is not nearly as scary as I imagine:

1. Gather your tools. You can see our inspiration for this post here and here. We’ve combined two trends that have graced cat walks and Pinterest boards recently: nail art on the natural nail and the angled manicure. I have chosen Revlon’s Blackest Black (R82,95 available at Revlon retailers) for the tips and Yardley’s Stayfast Nails in Mighty Mint (R55,95). You’ll also need some masking tape, a pair of scissors and a good quick dry top coat like Seche Vite.


2. Next up, I cut my tape into little strips. I made mine about 3mm wide but you can make them as wide or thin as you want, both would look so pretty!


3. Then I did the painting. I chose to start with the top colour because it felt more natural to me than starting from the bottom (now we’re here). Then I followed with the bottom black, applied two coats of each, and let it dry for a little while.


4. Next up, I peeled off the masking tape to reveal a very cool geometric  pattern. Since it wasn’t the neatest, I quickly cleaned up with an earbud and some nail polish remover and applied my top coat. Now that everything was all dry here’s the final shot.


The quickest no stress, no fuss nail art that only took me about 2 minutes longer to do than one colour would have taken me. Not nearly as scary as I thought and I actually like the outcome.

So remember when starting/embracing your nail art just remember: You the, you the best!**

*Zooey Deschanel is now getting her own line of nail wraps and I can't wait
**Also, there's a fair amount of Drake references here, clearly having my nails did makes me feel like twerking. Even though I shouldn't. And I can't.

Cheerio ol’ chap




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