Ombre Eyes

Happy Monday liefies!

Today I took inspiration from this pin off our Smudged Pinterest. Ombre is such a beautifully feminine trend, so why not bring it into our make-up? I decided to test it out on Jess to bring out her beautiful blue eyes.


Here’s what you need…

– A white eyeliner (I used Essence Kajal Pencil in 04 White, R14.95 from Clicks)

– A turquoise/teal eyeliner (I used MAC Eye Khol in Minted, R175 from MAC stores)

– An electric blue eyeliner (I used Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner in 02 On the Go, R34.95 from Clicks)

1. Draw a steady line from your inner eyelid to the middle of your eyelid. Try to get as close to the lashline as you can.


2. Now apply the teal eyeliner in the middle of your eyelid. Using the eyeliner, pull some of the white into the teal colour. It will start to blend and get that gradient shiz happening!


3. Now draw a cat eye with the electric blue eyeliner. Jess’s eyes are quite round so I just did a baby flick. Grab an earbud and gently smudge the 3 colours into one another.


Et voila! Jess is rocking an ombre eye like it aint no thang.


Beach. Goddess.

If you want a longer-lasting look, try using liquid eyeliner in place of pencil. I’d use Michellori Fast Liner in 66 White (R79.95 from Dischem), MAC Liquidlast in Aqualine (R185 from MAC), and Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner in 02 On the Go (R34.95 from Clicks).

If you try this out, tweet us @smudgedbeauty! We’d love to see.

Love and cake (because Mondays should always involve trans fats),




  1. Ah this looks so cool! defs trying it the next time i go out

    1. You better send us a photo when you do it ;)

  2. […] know that I am completely obsessed with all things ombre. Today on Smudged, Michelle gives me ombre eyeliner – I’m in LOVE. See the full post and tutorial here. Would love it if you could check […]

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