Glitter Nails. YOLO.

Before we get into this nail art tutorial, there are just a few things I need to get off my chest. For starters; I’m unsure of how I feel about nail art. Is it cool? Is it tacky? Does it mean you have too much time on your hands? (pun intended) This is an internal battle that I fight on a daily basis. Sure, nail art looks great on Pinterest, when you just see photos of the person’s hand. But what about in REAL LIFE? What about when you’re going to work and your nail art doesn’t match your blazer and you need to wear a blazer because you’re giving that presentation at 9am? Can you give a presentation with glitter nails? Half of me screams “why not” and similar phrases like “YOLO” (cringe). Another part of me feels incredibly unprofessional and rushes to remove the glitter nails before work.

Secondly, despite what I said above about nail art, I love these glitter nails because they are perfect for dress-up parties and special occasions. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not the kind of girl who could rock these at work, but I’m okay with that.

Thirdly, I’ve been pretty obsessed with glitter recently (I may or may not have a Pinterest board dedicated to it). This could explain this tutorial. Anyway, enough with the rant and on to the actual nail art.

A while ago when we posted some inspiration for Rocky Horror Picture Show, there were some glitter nails that just screamed Columbia. I decided to recreate these nails for funsies. And also to see if things look as good in real life as they do on Pinterest.


First I painted my nails with a sheer nude-ish colour by Rimmel, it’s from their french manicure range, called 433 French. It’s my staple nude nail polish and it has a fantastic thick brush that makes the application oh so easy.


Next I started to apply the glitter. I did a little at first and then built it up to get the right amount of glitter on the top half of the nail. This Essence glitter nail polish, 02 Circus Confetti, takes quite a while to dry. It’s best to leave it to dry for a minute or so to ensure that the glitter part of the nail polish doesn’t get all gloopy when you apply more glitter. To re-create this nail art you definitely need MORE glitter. More is more in this case girls.


Lastly, I used a good thick top coat, Seche Vite. This is the best top coat ever, and no, I am definitely not exaggerating.jess-nails-step-3

Did these look as good in real life? YES, because they were real, they were my nails, and not some random girl’s nails on a RHPS Pinterest board. What do you think about nail art? We’d love to know! Comment on the post or tweet us @smudgedbeauty

Love, glitter nails and pointless rants,




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