An Ode to Almay One Coat Triple Effect

Almay One Coat Triple Effect in Blackest Black- I Love You. There. It’s out in the open.


Over the last 12 years it’s safe to say I’ve tried dozens of mascaras- from my very first which cost me R15 to the impulse buy that left my bank card feeling used and abused- I have tried nearly all the different specs of mascara offerings.

When I first learned about make-up, my best friend’s amazing oldest sister told me that you have to force your lashes up and that mascara only does so much. I am determined to find the one that does it all. While I am a bit of a mascara-hoochie, there’s only one that I have repurchased over and over again. Almay One Coat Triple Effect in Blackest Black. After fighting my natural urges to repurchase for the umpteenth time recently, I went ahead and did it. And boy, did I love it all over again.


Here’s my lashes without any mascara


Generally, I only like my mascaras after they have dried out a bit because I like multiple layers for really bold, thick lashes. Almay One Coat Triple Effect is a gel formulation that boasts added aloe and vitamin B5. It’s also a slightly thicker formula that allows it to really hold that curl. It claims to do it all; curl, lengthen and volumise in one sweep. See for yourself here:


Only the left eye has mascara on


Top Profile: No Mascara Bottom Profile: Left eye with mascara

Aside from the wicked-cool formula, it also has a very unique wand. For the last two years I tricked myself into believing that a silicone wand was the best thing, but really I think I was fooling myself. The Almay One Coat Triple Effect has a conventional wand with one side of short bristles, ideal for volume, and the other of longer bristles to lengthen and force those lashes into a curl.



Since I love this so much it’s a little hard to find any major problems but two things do hassle me a little bit with this. The first being that it’s not ideal for bottom lashes. If I do put some on the bottom lashes, I get a bit of panda eye by the end of the day and secondly you really need to be confident in your make up remover. I use straight coconut oil to take my make-up off and even with this I need to give my lashes a good rub.


So even though mascaras come and go out of my make-up bag(s), Almay One Coat Triple Effect in Blackest Black is forever. You can get this wonderful mascara at Almay stockists for around R120 but also (savings savings!) at for R90 over here.

If you do manage to pick this chap up, let us know in the comments or on twitter, @smudgedbeauty because it would be awesome if you felt like this too:






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  5. I bought this too and am LOVING it! Really keeps the lashes curled :)

  6. I really like the gel formula! It doesn’t flake at all, but it do think because it’s a gel it is a little heavier than others. I curl make lashes before putting this mascara on but to be honest it doesn’t hold the curl because it is so heavy. So I think with or without curling you’re going to get the same effect. Which is a good one over all!

  7. WOW, this mascara really makes your lashes look amazing! Its definitely my next buy. Did you need to curl your lashes before? and does all mascara’s normally lift your lashes like that?

    1. Thanks so much:) Usually it takes a lot to get and keep a curl in my lashes (an my hair for that matter) that I gave up on using a curler because after about half an hour they droop again. In these pics I didn’t curl- just straight mascara and pushing them up to keep them up. Most mascaras give me length and volume but never the curl I want. Beth picked this one up recently too after trying mine. I’ll get her to reply to you too and let you know how she’s getting on with it :) Have a lovely weekend

  8. WHOA!! I have the triple effect mascara from Almay and I would say it’s surprisingly good and very underrated.

    1. So true! I feel like more people should see what Almay has to offer, I love that with their eye make-up especially is hypo-allergenic since I sometimes swap my glasses out for contacts. I am really excited about their new lip balms that go on like a gloss- and I am not a gloss girl.

      1. Oh I just got two this past week!! I haven’t really tried them thoroughly yet, but I can tell they’re pretty sheer… Haha makes me feel kind of silly about how much time I spent trying to decide on the color!

      2. It’s always a big decision :P Let us know how you like it. I really want to try it but there aren’t much reviews out yet.

  9. Thank you! It’s definately the next one I try

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