Pump up the Volume

Top o’ the mornin’ t’ye. Today we’re having a chat about big ol’ hair days. When anyone asks me how I like my hair I always say the following: It’s my dream to have hair like a Texan woman. VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME!

Since chopping off my hair and getting an undercut, styling products have been making their way back into my life. A few years ago when I first had short hair, I found a wonderful product by Toni and Guy that not only gave me the much loved volume I needed but also gave my hair some messiness and some movement. Then it was discontinued. Duun dun dun! So I found another hair mousse that did the same thing which smelled like coconuts and holidays by Aussie but the branding is different in various countries and it’s one of the products we don’t get here in SA. I’ve been on the hunt for something to get my hair big and messy that doesn’t require me to tease my hair since ain’t nobody got time for that.  These are a few products I’ve currently been testing to give me height and that oomph like Dolly:

vo5-tresemmeFirst up is Tresemme’s 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray ; R69.95 at Dischem. I’d have to say this is probably the best of the lot. I drench my towel dried hair in it and give it a good scrunch into my hair. If I use this alone, I then blast my hair upside down with a hair drier and flip my hair over like a Pantene advert circa 2002 (Do they still do that?!). The packaging is really great and not particularly awkward and since I find that the only way to get volume is to do everything upside down, it also does not block up the nozzle. (Think Willow Smith, I Whip my Hair Back and Forth with a bottle of this and you’ll be aces) The formula doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves it feeling really soft. Total A+ in my books.

Next up is the VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray, R44.95. I had such high hopes for this one. I was expecting messy, big hair that held all day. Boy, was I disappointed. In fact, I recommend avoiding this one entirely. It’s basically a strong hold gel in an over excited spray bottle that doesn’t distribute the product at all and leaves your hair crispy. The spray actually gives you a bit of a zing when you’re shooting it at your head. I’ve recently purchased their volumizing mousse from the same range and I’m hoping it works out better. I’ve also tried putting the product in my hands and then working it in and it still didn’t blow my hair back, if you get you what mean. PASS.

Finally is the VO5 Extreme Hold Rough It Up Putty; R44.95 at Dischem. I am a big fan of waxes, pomades and putties because when I’ve applied it to damp hair and take more than 2 minutes to dry my hair, it not only gives me the best hold but also gives my roots a good lift helping me achieve some oomph in my fine locks. The VO5 one smells a bit like fruit chews and once you warm it up between your hands and  work it into your hair you’re ready to go.

I found that my hair looks the fullest if I combine the Tresemme 24 Hour Body and a tiny bit of putty and then blow dry like normal.  While these aren’t the most amazing products ever (READ: Toni and Guy, bring back your Beach Waves Spray, it was the shizz) they do the job for now until I find something that does it all.

Bye bye Homer Simpson hair, hello Dolly! If you’ve tried anything that is AH-MAZING either tweet us @smudgedbeauty or let us know in the comments.




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