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In today’s post I’ll be sussing out the Pinterest wins from the Pinterest fails. There is just SO MUCH out there that it can be intimidating to try and pin all the things you like, let alone try and make use of any. I find the DIY categories probably the most relevant/useful to my life. I mean obviously I will one day have a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower in a couture dress holding a bunch of balloons. But for now I’ll visit some of the more achievable things.

Bobby pins in a Tic Tac container

Image found at

Image found over here


I came across this image over on the black of hole procrastination that is Pinterest and thought it was such a simple idea that it had to work. As most girls know, bobby pins vanish on a daily basis. WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GO?! This awesome idea means you can store 25+ pins in an efficient container, which you can use to pop a pin out individually when you are in need of one. I went to china town and purchased 200 bobby pins for 10 bucks, so my life is now spilling over with bobby pins that I carry around neatly organised. I keep my container in my bathroom and take it with me in my bag when I head out. Such an obvious answer to a never ending issue. #firstworldproblems

Cooking oil spray to set nail polish

Idea came from here

Idea came from here


I thought this one looked quite promising because I’ve tried out those nail polish oil drops before and this idea seemed to make (similar) sense. Oil to set nail polish. Cool. Wasn’t really expecting much but was pleasantly surprised :).

I buy very cheap nail polish. I find the cheaper the polish, the longer it takes to set. I haaaaate how long it takes nail polish to set. And I want the finish to be perfect and that takes even longer! I usually fall asleep trying to keep my nails from touching the duvet cover and get accidental nail art from that instead! No man. So this is a definite must try when I’m in a big hurry from now on.

Nail polish (one coat) with a single layer of Spray and Cook on top

Nail polish (one coat) with a single layer of Spray and Cook on top

I don’t think it speeds up the setting time but adds a sort of protective layer that stops the polish from scratching. It’s not 100% effective and your polish is still going to need some time to set but I did feel a little more confident moving my hands around. Just make sure to give yourself 1 to 2 minutes between coats. And the tiny spray dots are easily wiped off and don’t affect the coat of polish at all. Winning!

Nice and glossy :) Two coats of nail polish with a spray of cooking oil between

Nice and glossy :) Two coats of nail polish with a spray of cooking oil between

Making waves in your hair with a hair straightener

As tried before by Oh So Pretty

As tried before by Oh So Pretty


Now I know there is a way of creating beautiful beachy waves with a hair straightener. I’m always on the look out for the easiest and most effective technique. I had faith in this one. I don’t know why but it looked promising and I had seen loads of others like it floating around Pinterest. This way, however, sucked. I tried with thick strands, I tried with crimped strands. I tried with braids and I tried twisting the braids and then straightening. Sure you do get a sort of crimped look but definitely not the waves I was imagining. And as you twist your hair the strands that are split or damaged stick out even more so, exposing them directly to the heat of a straightener. This kinda damages them even more :/

So let me know if you find any potentially cool DIY Pinterest wins that we can try out. You never know which ones might improve your life the most!



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