Things we should do (and probably don’t)

Morning lovely readers!

Today we’re going to talk about the ‘shoulds’. The everyday things we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy, but probably aren’t. I can’t stand it when models answer interview questions with ‘My beauty secret? Drinking lots of water!’ (pretty sure most of us could drink Victoria Falls and not look like Kate Moss) but I’ll grumpily admit that good health is the key to looking good. I’m more of the ‘Healthy lifestyle? Does that come in a tube?’ variety, so this does not come easily to me. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and came up with some things we should try to do as much as possible…

1. Drink that effing water


How I tire of this advice! But it’s true. Our bodies need water to move all the rubbish out and keep our cells hydrated. Dehydrated skin is dry and wrinkly, hardly the look we’re going for. Aim for 2 litres and see how you go. OMG SO BORING.

2. Exercise. Often.

Apparently we should all be exercising every day? Horrifying thought. Exercise involves spandex pants, sweaty hair and far less breathing than I’m used to. My best advice: team up with a friend. Only the thought of gymbuddy Emma’s wrath could get me up for Powerplate class at 7am! And ignore those people who say they couldn’t possibly go through a day without running. To them I say, sit down and eat some nutella.


3. Floss

You know that awkward moment when everything you knew for sure is revealed as a lie? That’s how I feel about flossing. There I was, gleefully sure of the fact that no one flosses and it’s just a big joke that we lie to our dentists about. Well apparently not! People floss! Who knew?! Well I did not and I blame my poor oral hygiene on you all for not telling me. I have since started flossing and now have lovely bleeding gums in place of my probably-plaque-ridden ones. It is by far the least exciting activity I can think of, but apparently helps protect us from heart disease. Good stuff, floss.

Me being left out of the flossing party

Me being left out of the flossing party

4. SPF it up

We live in Africa. It is hot. Therefore, sunscreen is a must. Slap it on under foundation and your skin will thank you for years. Reduces risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, freckles, age spots, pigmentation, etc! Tis a miracle!


5. Sleep

I know it’s hard, when you’re a hot young thing with places to be…


Or indeed, if you’re a hot young thing wasting away her best years on Buzzfeed. Either way, try to get 7-9 hours a night.


Aaaand apparently we’ll all look a lot prettier! And feel good. Are you guys good at keeping healthy? Do you scoff at my laziness, or identify with my couch-love? Let me know!

Love and minimal physical activity,




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  2. Nothing better than starting our day off with a good laugh. Thanks! -L&M

    1. Haha I agree! Thanks so much for reading :)

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