What’s in my bag?

Who remembers the final scenes from Titanic when Rose says “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets”? Well what she really meant to say is that a woman’s handbag is like a deep ocean of secrets.

A woman can never be too prepared. Mary taught us well at a young age.

A woman can never be too prepared. Mary taught us well at a young age.

A handbag is one of the most personal and regularly used items a lady can own. It says heaps about our personalities, not only through the style we chose to wear but by what treasures we keep inside. I feel so guilty if a friend asks me to fetch her something out her bag, it’s like reading her diary going through her stuff. It also makes men physically uncomfortable when reaching into a handbag to retrieved what’s been requested. I love watching them squirm as if they are about to touch something vile.


I carry around a variety of things. Sometimes it depends on the weather, my outfit or make-up look I’ve got on. But I almost always carry these 13 items around from bag to bag.


Here is a list of the 13 things I carry around in my bag (give or take).

1) A pen. Because duuuuuh

2) My brow pencil from MAC (fling) is a staple in my life, it’s the number one beauty product I could not leave the house without.

3) Chewing gum. I just prefer chewing on some gum to freshen up instead of mints. Wow what a beauty secret that one was!

4) My Yardley Oatmeal Blemish stick comes along for the ride most days as most days there is almost always a blemish to cover up! It’s quite a multitasker, sometimes I even use it as a concealer or to cover up a patch where my foundation has rubbed off.

5) A black eyeliner (smolder by MAC). I love my kohl liner <3. It can be smudged to create a smokey eye, to line the upper lashline or also on my waterline for a little definition. It can do anything really. Probably solve an algebraic expression as well. Check out those terms here if they’re sounding Greek to you.

6) A little baby floss dispenser. Besides the fact that it’s so damn cute it’s a very useful thing to carry around. This can save your ass when eating steak on a date.

7) My trusty DIY bobby pin holder. See my previous post about how convenient this container has become in my life.

8) My favourite nude lipstick is number 42 by the Body Shop. It’s a brown nude and gives a very sheer finish once applied. It’s the closest colour I’ve come across that matches my natural lip colour. It’s moisturising and will complement absolutely anything I wear. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THIS ON ME.

9) A hair band. I can’t stress how much you will need one when the time comes. Don’t get caught without it.

10) I like to carry around a sample pot of Sudocream. It’s essentially a nappy (diaper for overseas readers) rash cream but can help to heal all kinds of other skin irritations. It’s an antiseptic so if I get dry skin around my nose or my rosacea flares up or even a sunburn or an insect bite it can be used to superficially treat them for the time being.

11) A compact mirror, because people are too embarrassed to notify you when there’s something embarrassing on your face.

12) Nail file. I was given this darling set of Babushka Doll nail files which come in handy often. They are a perfect size for traveling and there is nothing more annoying when a nail chips or breaks and a file is needed to prevent you from biting the rest off or snagging it on clothes and tearing the bugger off.

13) Blistex lipbalm. A healer for the suffering lip. This stuff is magic and contains Vit E and sun block to heal and prevent further damage.

I’d love to play a game with my friends one day where we all have to guess which bag contents belongs to which owner. How wild?! But I would truly enjoy that.

Have a lovely weekend ladies,




  1. LOVE this post and how you’v written it! :)

    1. Thank you! So lovely to hear that x

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