Get Yo’ Nails Did: Aztec Inspired

Nails are so under-rated as far as being a fashion accessory and lets face it, neither aztec nor galaxy prints are leaving us anytime soon. Also, I’m totes obsessed with triangles. Thanks Alt-J. Just thanks.

The inspiration for today’s post is a little different as I wanted to fuse the two trends and have used the pic below as inspiration.

(image found here)

We’ve used a black and silver sparkle polish from Kangol in Atomic (R49 at Truworths), white from the Essence French Manicure kit (R39,95), a Revlon Buffer (at the time it was +/- R30), Revlon’s No Chip Top Coat (R99,95) and finally your good old trusty tape and scissors. I didn’t bother with a base coat this time since the buffer will help smooth and prepare my nails.

After buffing, I applied one coat of the white Essence polish. This was probably the most surprisingly pigmented white I’ve ever seen and I’ll definitely be rocking a white nail in summer. I then carried on with my business and even bought some doughnuts for the girls – really giving it enough time to dry 100%.


Then came the fun part. Tape, tape, tape- handy tape. I cut about 3 mm wide strips of tape and stuck them to create a “v” shape.  You don’t have to be too perfect here because you can always go and neaten edges after.


Then I applied two coats of Kangol’s Atomic and let it dry completely. The best time for nail art is really while watching a movie you’ve either seen 10 times or one your friends/family/gent is really into, but you’re not all too fussed about. Step-3

Once dry completely, gently peel off the tape and neaten up any bits in the white that you want perfect and apply your topcoat. I like to apply my top coat while the last coat or finishing touches are drying to avoid air bubbles (my theory) and since I don’t really trust anything that claims to be quick drying- the more drying time, the less chance of effing it up later. Trust issues with products. You learn new things everyday about yourself, hey?

Finally, here are your finished nails:


Most importantly, once your nails are did make sure you do this to everyone you come across who asks you to move for the next two hours:

How to react should anyone request you pass them anything or use your hands at all. In general.

Cheerio galaxy/aztec-y dears



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  1. aztec inspired!!! cool, i love the way it came out

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