Priscilla Presley Wedding Make-up Tutorial

Hey everyone,

For this Wednesday morning’s post I’ve decided to recreate the look of a beautiful bride of 1967, Priscilla Presley. Her wedding day make-up has become iconic and been made into a 1000 other tutorials in her honour. There even exists barbie dolls of the two of them on their wedding day!

The beehive, the lashes, the brows. Perfection.

Step 1


Priscilla had beautifully defined full eyebrows on her wedding day. They were obviously shaped to go with the fashion of the 1960s, and look absolutely ridiculous on a blonde but they were proud and loud and so are these in this tut. I’ve used Mac Carbon eyeshadow to fill my brows.

Step 2


I then placed a white shadow (Stila Chinois) from the top of my brow all the way down to my crease. You can use any neutral/white shadow for this. Please pardon the cake-face.

Step 3


I then created a cat-eye with a black liquid liner, DollyWink, and added mascara to my top lashes. I used Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal.

Step 4


After which I coated my bottom lashes with mascara, added a nude kohl kajal pencil to my waterline using a Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof pencil and then used the same liquid liner below my waterline to create a double flick cat-eye.

Step 5


For the finishing touches I placed YDK from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on my lids only. I lined my lips with Mac Smolder as well as adding a nude gloss to them. And finally the lashes were added! I don’t think Priscilla would be Mrs Presley without them. Mine are a R30 pair from Dischem.

If only I had a black wig! Then it would be the best halloween costume eveeeeerrrrrr!

Next level shit. True fandom!

Next level shit. True fandom!

Love love,




  1. […] want to define those eyes. Use them to create a subtle daytime look, or turn up the drama and do a Priscilla! And remember, pics or it didn’t happen. Tweet them to us […]

  2. Fun and original look! Love the final picture :D

  3. lovemarylu · · Reply

    Hahaha loved the last pic! I had to look twice!


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