Life’s a Drag

Happy Friday playas!

Today I want to talk about what inspires me within the world of make-up. While I appreciate natural-look tutorials, what I really love about make-up is its transformative qualities. The most inspiring example of this is the world of Drag. I find it absolutely amazing, how we can change our outside to reflect the inside. Here are 3 of my favourite performers…

Ru Paul

The icon. I love her unapologetically over the top look. I’m definitely going to invest in the original MAC Viva Glam, which Ru Paul is the face of. This is what perfection looks like.



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Latrice Royale

Latrice won my heart on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. She redefined the word ‘bitch’ (Being In Total Control of Herself) and her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman brought me to tears. Chunky yet funky, large and in charge, she is Latriiiiice Royale!

4df7e88fbc05a26c6bb7649074cbc1c6   4123d6093f3bbe592fc33e2b98b5ecda

1e41f586b39df45ba13e859e0d11c438Sharon Needles

Winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4! I’m obsessed with Sharon’s spooky-glam looks and razor-sharp wit. Her motto; “If you’re getting booed, just remember it’s just applause from ghosts”.




To me, these 3 are all queens. And for all the haters out there who don’t think boys can be girls, remember…


All images off my Drag Pinterest board

Have a great weekend my liefies,



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