Topshop BB Cream

Last week I hurriedly went into Topshop and finally got my grubby paws on their version of the cult fave: BB Cream (R159,99). So far I’ve worn it every day and I must say I’m trying to get my head around it.


Coverage: First off, let me start by saying that I’m one of the not convinced group when it comes to BB Cream. I like a light, sheer coverage and BB Creams I’ve swatched before seem to have a higher coverage than my Mac Face and Body Foundation and just seem like a glorified, often cakey tinted moisturizer. I’ve heard many say that it’s in between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation in terms of coverage but I think it’s more of a sheer to medium coverage. Since I have issues with all products leaving my face in a few hours, the Topshop BB Cream tends to stay put for most of the day but makes me a little a shiny. Nothing blotting paper can’t handle.

Packaging: Topshop really bring it with their make-up range in terms of packaging. It’s a fun silver narrow tube with their 90’s revival hand-lettered typeface in white. The only real issue I have is that it doesn’t contain much product which is a concern for me since you use a lot more product than you would a foundation.

Formula: The texture of the Topshop BB Cream is quite thick and I’ve so far tried blending it in with my fingers and using a buffing brush to work it into my skin. I’ve so far found that the best is way to apply it for me is to use a combination of both so that your fingers warm the product slightly as it is worked in and then incase I’ve missed anything or to just make my skin look a bit more airbrushed, I use a buffing brush to buff in the product for a seamless finish. The finish is neither matte nor dewy and it holds powder very well for setting. I’ve also used a tiny amount patted into my skin as a concealer on good skin days and I really like the effect.

Final Verdict: Since I’m a toughy with BB Cream I’m going to say that actually do I quite like this. It’s obviously not as luxurious as my special occasions Clarins one but it’s just fine for everyday and doesn’t make my skin cakey or cling to any dry patches. I do wish however, that companies make bigger bloody tubes. Because seriously my foundation lasts a year and my BB Cream would only probably last 2 months if I wore it every day. A major down side is that it it only comes in 3 shades. I have the shade 1.0 (I know right!?) because it was the only yellow undertone in their selection. I like that the Topshop BB Cream does blend into a variety of skin tones and I’d even say it’s more on the borderline of a CC Cream.

Here’s my before and afters:


Before – a little more tired skin than fresh and rejuvenated


After- throw on some mascara and you’re a-ok for the day

If you do end up trying the Topshop BB Cream, please send us a pic and your thoughts either in the comments or on twitter @smudgedbeauty

Cheerio lovelies,



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