Rocking the Daisies & gross things

Festivals, some people love them (ME) and some people really do not enjoy them. I love festivals, and would go to them every weekend if I could (and if someone could pay me lots of money so that I could afford it). Festivals are a chance to get away from work/school/varsity/your real life for a weekend and just have some fun.  The only downside of festivals is that while you’re having fun some gross things tend to happen.  Here are some of the gross things that have happened to us or others, and how to get over them so you can spend the weekend worrying less, and more like this:


At Rocking the Daisies you will brush your teeth and take a giant swig of water to rinse your mouth out.  Well, what you thought was water at that ungodly hour of the morning. It’s not water. It’s pure vodka that you specially decanted into a plastic bottle because of the no glass rule at Rocking the Daisies (you environmentalist you).  It will be gross, probably the most devastating thing that can happen to you all weekend. And yes, I’m speaking from experience, this has happened to me many times and I’m urging you to learn from my mistake. Label your decanted alcohol, in BIG black writing, so you don’t try to rinse with pure alcohol. TRUST ME.

SWEATING. This happens a lot at Daisies. It’s so hot during the day, then it’s freezing at night. You put on ALL THE WARM CLOTHES and then share a tent with some other bodies to try and retain some heat. Then you wake up as the sun hits the tent and it becomes some kind of sauna sent straight from Hell that makes you sweat out all of the alcohol that you thought was such a good idea last night. You will wake up in your tent covered in sweat. It will happen, it’s inevitable.  My only advice that can try to minimize the grossness that is waking-up-in-a-pool-of-your-own-sweat is to layer your clothing. If you’ve layered well, you can strategically remove layers as the temperature in the tent starts to rise. If you have not layered, you will not want to remove that ONE huge hoodie that is the only thing separating you from the harsh outdoor elements.

You lose your sense of smell. Suddenly the bathrooms don’t even smell that bad. Wait, is that because you’re now so used to your ‘new’ smell? Use that super intense deodorant girl and just battle through it. Having a shower at Daisies is like admitting failure. There’s no fun in that.

Another gross thing about festivals? The dirt that gets under your nails! EW. Thank god, we have some festival beauty tips coming for you, which will go into great detail on how to avoid these kinds of things (dark nail polish pleeeeeease).

Something that I’d never even thought of, but Beth mentioned to me and now I just can’t stop thinking about, is dirty feet. During the day, wearing sandals and slipslops at festivals, your feet can get kinda dusty/dirty/muddy.  And because we’re all about going the whole weekend not showering and being fun/dirty – what’s a girl to do? Beth’s advice: DO NOT WEAR OPEN SHOES. This keeps your feet clean at all times, which is nice. If you’re a bit of a risk-taker, wear open shoes during the day and then put your dirty little feet straight into clean socks for night – EEEEK. Yes, dirty feet into clean socks, I dare you. It’s just one weekend of your life.

One of the grossest things that you will encounter at Rocking the Daisies (and other festivals, this is not exclusive to Daisies), is when people start to arrive on the morning of day two. You’ve been partying hard (without showering) since yesterday and suddenly these beautiful people arrive, still fresh and looking like they’ve just run out of a shower/day spa/sun bed. You then have the sudden and disgusting moment of realisation that you do not look so great. The wild/party girl/carefree look you were going for just does not work so well on day two. This is when you need to be prepared. And my upcoming post on how to survive without showering for three days will help you with this.

What’s the grossest thing that has ever happened to you at a festival? We’d love to know. Comment on this post or tweet us @smudgedbeauty.

Love, early morning vodka and sweaty festival cuddles,




  1. Nice job. I enjoyed the read. Thanks :)

    1. always a pleasure :) glad you enjoyed it!

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