Beauty Tips for a Festival Newbie


Hey guys and girls,

Festival season is officially upon us and we’re here to impart some of our beauty knowledge and previous experiences with you all. If you happen to be going to a festival for the first time, then listen up as here are some tips to help you out:

1) Wear nail polish

You have no idea how dirty your nails will get. I think even within the first half hour.  Just by putting up a tent you will get a weeks worth of dirt under there, so just imagine the state of your nails by the end of the weekend. And there is nothing you can do to keep them clean, sies, however if you plan ahead and paint them with a nice dark colour you wont have to cringe every time you look down at your hands. Your future hookups will find you much more attractive for it.

2) Don’t wear open shoes

Unless you actually take pleasure in the feeling of putting dirty feet into clean socks, then by all means go ahead. But personally, I think it’s a much better idea to bring along an old pair of converse and keep them on through night and day and take them off only when you crawl into a sleeping bag- if you manage to make it that far. Bring along a change of socks too just for good measure.

3) Bring a mirror

There won’t be any there, and if there are, you are going to have to take a long, hungover walk getting to one just to find out that your lipstick is on your forehead and your eyeliner is on your chin. Quite the make-out session! Even if it’s a little compact or reflective aviators. The ties at the top of the tent particularly come in handy when you can hang the mirror to the “roof” and angle it down whenever someone needs. There you go, communal mirror for all. Ours worked wonders last year.

4) Wet wipes will save the day

Buy some that can remove make-up, cleanse, tone and moisturize and you’ll be set the whole weekend. I promise, even if you don’t wear make-up, that sticky coke/vodka concoction will have migrated to parts of your neck and wet wipes will be a blessing when trying to take its nastiness off.

5) Buy gum and use it

People will not bring their toothbrushes. People will hook up. People will realise this disgusting fact at some point the next day. Everyone, please, bring some gum and pop it in your pocket. If you don’t think any of the other suggestions are necessary trust me on this one. Drunk people don’t always keep their booze down.

Have fun!



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