10 Festival Tips

Here are my top ten random festival tips that will make your festival experience just THAT much better.

  1. BB cream. It’s a lifesaver.
  2. Dry shampoo. You’ve read my ode to dry shampoo here, and I cannot preach about this product enough. Bring it.
  3. SUNSCREEN. I usually leave this tip up to Michelle, but at a festival this is very important. You do not want to go away form the weekend with an awkward shorts and boots tan, trust me. Use some form of sunscreen to stop yourself from getting burnt.
  4. Redbull. I guess this tip kinda speaks for itself. You will run out of energy at some point. Bring some redbull and thank me later.
  5. Bring a small bag with you, so that you can carry essentials around while you mission from one stage to the next. An old phone is also a good idea. SO many expensive phones go missing/get stolen, so bring along your old phone and then you’ll have less to worry about.
  6. Socks. I learnt this tip from an ex boyfriend. You can never pack too many socks. Ever. Bring an extra couple of pairs and you won’t regret it, especially when it’s super freaking cold at night.
  7. Sunglasses can cover up a whole lot. Hungover/too lazy to put on a bit of make-up? Shove on those mooi-maakers (pretty-makers for those who don’t do Afrikaans) and party on!
  8. Bringing a small mirror along is a good idea, trust me.
  9. Bring some warm clothes. It does get cold at night. A jacket, scarf and some leggings/thick socks (read number 6 again) will really come in handy when the sun goes down.
  10. Be prepared. Rather have too much food/booze/tops/shoes than not enough. That being said, try not to be the girl who brings EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink to the festival. Carefree ladies, carefree and prepared. And if there’s space in your car – bring a mattress. – it’s a lifesaver.

I hope these tips enchance your festival experience and make you less like this:


And more like this:

festival gif

Would love to hear from you! What’s your number 1 festival tip? And the one thing that you would never go to a festival without? Comment or tweet us @smudgedbeauty.

(I found that FAIL photo here, with 10 other festival fails to avoid)

Love, redbull and extra socks.



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