Hair to last the weekend

Hey Kids,

So by now I’m sure you’re all pros about festival prep and beauty etiquette (if you’ve been following our posts you definitely are). Today I’ll be addressing the issue of what to do with your hair at an outdoor festival. You most definitely won’t be washing it, straightening it, blowdrying it or even giving it a good brush. Even miraculous dry shampoo can’t save you from a camping hair disaster. For the full tutorial and chat, have a look at today’s post on A Fashion Friend.


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  1. Michaela · · Reply

    This is the colour I want!!!! Please tell me how you get this color and length!!!

    1. I’m going to wait for Beth to get back from Japan and then she can tell you. She gets highlights (at the hairdresser) and also uses gentian violet to keep the orange tones away

    2. Hi Michaela,

      Thank you so much for your interest! I get my hair highlighted about once every 3/4 months so as not to damage it often, going blonde will always harm your hair (peroxide is a bitch). I only get half a head of highlights so the dirty blonde colour you see underneath is my natural colour, and my hairdresser uses 30% peroxide only so the colour grows out naturally.
      I haven’t box dyed my hair in about 7 years, I wouldn’t recommend it as I think the best blonde colours are only achieved through highlights where you don’t have one solid colour that usually gets brassy or yellow as the colour starts to fade. I do use a shampoo that contains gentian violet in to keep that yellow tone away, as my highlights grow out the colour will eventually deepen but I do think the gentian violet helps! For the last 2 years I have been using an Earthsap shampoo (pomegranate + soy) with about 15-20 drops of gentian violet mixed in. It’s a lot but doesn’t stain.
      As for the length, a good conditioner is a must as breakage will occur often if you peroxide and straighten and then you wont get the length you want! I use a loreal color contrast hair mask and schwartskop BC oil (argan oil) for special occasions.
      But I do think that if you want a nice light/natural blonde look try to stay clear of the box! When it comes to hair I do think the bigger your budget the better your hair will look, but that is just my opinion :) Hope I helped!

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