Lana Double Flick Tutorial

Today I’ll be taking inspiration from my heart’s leading lady…Lana Del Rey. The face, the voice, the style…I just can’t deal. I love her cut-crease mod eye look paired with the bee stung lips, which she experiments with from time to time. Below is the look she wore to the Echo Awards earlier this year, where she rocked her double-flicked eyeliner like it aint no thang. I wanted a wearable version for day, and here’s my attempt…




For this look I chose to go with Lana’s usual brown palette rather than grey. I think it’s more retro, which I personally love. I used my NYX Caviar & Bubbles palette (R159.99 from Clicks) and The Body Shop Eye Definer in 02 Rich Brown (R110 from The Body Shop) to build dimension on the eyelid. To start off, sweep the lightest brown/nude shade you have over the entire eye, moving up to the brow bone. Then take your brown eyeliner and gently trace a line around the shape of your eye socket. This will contour the eye and give you the ‘cut crease’ effect that Lana loves.


Next, blend blend blend! Use a darker brown eyeshadow to further define the crease, taking care not to blend it down onto your eyelid too much. You want to keep that half moon shape nice and defined.


Now get out a black pencil eyeliner (I use The Body Shop Eye Definer in 01 Black, R110 from The Body Shop) and work it into your lashline. If you’re happy doing it, tightline your upper lashline by lifting up your upper eyelid and working the pencil in underneath your eyelashes. This can take some practice to get comfortable with, so don’t despair if you don’t get it first time.


Now comes the important bit! Using a liquid liner (I’m in love with my NYX The Curve, R259.99 from Clicks), draw a cat eye. Keep it thin at the inner corner of your eye and wing it out thickly at the outer corner. Draw the first flick at a high angle, bearing in mind that you need to leave space for two flicks instead of one. It can take a while to get the angles right, so keep some cotton buds handy! Draw the bottom flick slightly longer than the top, as this mirrors your lashes and is super flattering. Add a few coats of black mascara (subtlety is not what we’re going for here, get those lashes thick!). Almay One Coat Triple Effect (R120 at Clicks) is where it’s at.

Finish off with a slick of NYX Xtreme lip cream in 10 Natural (it came free with my eyeliner so not sure on the price), which is pretty much the perfect retro nude colour.



(Summertime Sadness pout optional)

And there you have it, a mod look that can be vamped up for night or kept low-key. In fact it’s ideal for staying in playing Video Games or if you’re Off to the Races. See what I did there? Also, will I look like Lana if I buy these? My brain and wallet say no, but my heart and poor budgeting skills say yes.




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