Hello friends,

I’m sure we’re all quite aware of the most adorable anime character to hit popular culture back in around 1998-ish; the little yellow creature that stole our hearts, Pikachu. I personally spent far too many hours watching Ash, Brock and Misty catch ’em all, secretly wishing I could have Pikachu as a pet. Plus why did no one question whether it was OK for kids to wander around BY THEMSELVES with no parents having Poke-duels?! Urgh! My 10 year-old self’s dream: no school, no rules- just having duels with my Pokemon.

Is that not the cutest creature in the world? (gif found here)

So onto the purpose of this post. Today we’re doing a Pikachu nail art in light of Halloween, heck, everyday. Yup, even if you aren’t a “dress-up-for-Halloween-type” or if you’re a “my-boss-is-lame-and-makes-us-pretend-to-be-adults-type”; I don’t see why you can’t get away with sneaky nail art to celebrate the joys of candy or whatever it is. (FYI you should celebrate candy and baked goods everyday because candy and baked goods were sent by all that is good in this world)


Gather your tools

This is an unbelievably easy tutorial. Even though it’s not pictured here I’m going to add that MNP01 Matte Yellow from NYX (R49,99) at Clicks is freaking gorgeous but sadly, it stains like a mofo. So if you aren’t sure if your base coat works, now is a good time to test it. Then we have Blackest Black from Revlon (R82,95), Essie nail polish in Bordeaux (R99,95), Essence French Manicure and Pedicure pen (R29,95) and an old, scraggly paint brush that’s ready for retirement.


First up, get your base coat on (which I didn’t do in these pics because I was way too excited for matte nail polish). Once that’s dry you can go ahead with the yellow. This is little Pikachu’s body colour. It took me about two thick coats before I felt it was opaque enough. Leave it to dry a bit.


Next up, add two red dots on your pinky finger nail and your thumb, and two black dots on your Peter-Pointer* finger and ring finger. I just used the brush in the bottle for this so that the dots were roughly the same size.


Then I took my scraggly old paintbrush, dipped the tiniest bit of black on the end and painted a little triangle nose and “w” shaped mouth on my middle finger. Then, using the Essence pen, I drew a smaller white dot in the black dots on my pointer and ring fingers.


If you aren’t keen on the matte you can go ahead with a top coat now but since I was jumping out of my skin for the matte yellow, I left it as is. It doesn’t look all that exciting until you scrunch your fingers together. Oh the tom-foolery!

There we go: simple as pie. Even though I still desperately want a Pickachu of my own, the nails will have to do (despite considering this for my dachshund-cross because he loves wearing outfits and is a ballah).

My little dachshund-cross, Pippin would look pretty, darn cute in a Pikachu outfit. I’m not even being biased here.




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