Jack Skellington Nails (plus a Smudged Hijacking! WITH SEVERAL EXCLAMATIONS!)

Hi friendies

For the next two weeks Mich and I are hijacking Smudged. WHAAAT!? Being ‘narnas, we planned for different content (which will be up in due course and is still cool, I swear), and then realised we COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT HALLOWEEN! WHO DOES THAT SHIT?!  It’s a whole day dedicated to dressing up and eating candy and if you’re an ‘adult’ like us, to drink alcohol-laden punch. Beth is currently in Japan on holiday and Jess is in Mozambique for work so before we carry on with the tutorial, we thought it’s only fair to tell you that Mich and I are no photographers. Beth will most likely kick us in the head for our sub-par pics but lets pretend they just look spookier to get in the Halloween mood. Ooooohh!

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

“I’m the master of fright, a demon of light, and I’ll scare you right out of your pants.” -Jack Skellington

Ok, so housekeeping out of the way. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Tim Burton favourite. Hell, everything the man does is a favourite, who am I kidding. Today we’re doing a Jack Skellington inspired nail tutorial just to get you in the mood for Hallow’s Eve.


Gather your tools:

For this tutorial you’ll need your favourite black  and white nail polishes. I used Revlon Blackest Black (as always) R82,95 and Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener R70. You’ll also need your favourite top coat (I used Seche Vite which you can get here), your tiniest scraggly old paint brush +/- R6 at a hardware or art supply store, as well as your favourite nail polish remover.


1. Paint your nails solid black and your ring finger solid white. This took me about 2 coats.

Jeepers creepers, that one finger does not look that wonky in real life, how did I even do that?

Jeepers creepers, that one finger does not look that wonky in real life, how did I even do that?

2. Put some of the black polish onto a make-shift palette (I used an ice cream bakkie lid) and with your brush add about a drop of nail polish remover. You want your polish to be the same consistency as ink, because it really makes it much easier to apply onto the nail in clean lines (even though you may have to do two coats). I have a terrible habit when I’m painting anything to hold my breath until the stroke is done. I sub-consciously think it helps me steady my hand. Don’t do this though- you may pass out. Next up, draw two ovals angled inwards for his eyes and a smiley face. I then drew his two slit nostrils and made the sew-lines on his mouth. Clean your brush off and put some of the white polish on the palette. Make sure your brush is really clean, dip it into the white polish and draw three straight lines on each black nail. Apply your topcoat and you’re ready to go! Here’s the final look:


I love this so much and it’s very simple to do. I can’t really repeat the face on my left hand, but I am feeling rather confident in doing pinstripes this evening.

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  3. love it ladies! sending you love from Mozambique!

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