Devil in a New Dress

Guttentag mein friends,

How many sexy devils, sexy angels, sexy Pocahontas’, sexy clowns etc do you see every year? Feeling bored of them? No, never. Today we’re showing you how to pull off a revamped Devil look that can easily adapted for a vampire look too. (If you got the Kanye West reference in the title, I love you and we should be besties.)


Gather your tools: find the lightest foundation you can, I usedMac Mineralize in NC15 (Michelle’s) for R330, Mac Viva Glam 1 (Original Ru Paul Edition) R185 while stocks last, The Body Shop Eye Definer in  01 Black R110, NYX palette in Strike a Pose R150 and Ralo Cosmetics Eyeshadow R34,50. You can go ahead and add false lashes if you want, but I have a fear of applying them to myself and can’t actually do it on my own face. (I’m not sure how that works but if you have a tip I’m willing to try it as long as it doesn’t involve a bobby pin or tweezers).


Apply your foundation liberally all over your face and neck, if you think it’s enough put a tad bit more just in case and dust with white baby powder- it helps enhance the pale ghostly look and sets everything to a dead-like matte. Use an angled brush to draw in some eyebrows with the black shadow in the NYX palette. Apply sticky tape about 5 mm away from your lower lash-line up towards your brow. It feels quite weird and mine did get foggy, but you can clean it up after with more foundation.


Next up, contour like you’re a glamour model in the 80’s! Combine the darker brown of the NYX palette with a tiny bit of the black and blend it in well in the hollows of your cheeks and temples. The devil is probably heavily contoured, right? Then with a fluffy eye shadow brush apply the white shadow all the way up to the brow. It helps the red pigment pop more. Using the Ralo palette, use the bright red on the left and pack it onto the lid just slightly pass the socket line and under the eye.


With a blending blush add the darker red from the Ralo palette over the entire lid until the socket and blend the two reds slightly. Using what is left on the brush, bring it in under the eye. This is definitely not a look you need to be dainty with. If you feel like it’s heavy, apply more. Then apply the maroon red from the NYX palette in the crease and blend it down towards the lash line. With the same angled brush you used for your brows, tightline your top lashes and bottom waterline. Add a bit more black under the lashes and create a tiny ‘cat eye’ flick on the lid. Really pack the black on. Smudge in some black eyeliner if you feel up for it. Soften the line slightly with the red fluffy brush. Now you can remove the tape and clean up around the eye with a bit of extra foundation.


To finish off the look, remember our Ombre lip tutorial? Apply the same idea but reverse the colours, so first apply the red and then line the inner corners with black eyeliner, carefully smudging inwards. Remember that you aren’t going for that 90’s dark liner thing but ombre instead, so try not to go crazy with the eyeliner all around your lip. Now would be the best time to apply mascara and/or lashes but I forgot purely because I never wear eyeliner like this and I felt like it was tricking me. Finally, apply your horns and look devily. This is my version of looking devily but I think it’s more of a “Chronic Bitch-face.”

From this tutorial, I realised that if I were to suddenly be cast in The Only Way is Essex, I could easily accept the challenge.




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