Face of an Angel

Morning my dear ones

Today we’re getting angelic up in here (up in here). This is for all of you Halloween party-goers who aren’t looking to go full-on dark side. This look could also be adapted for an Ice Queen costume too, which would be stunning! We roped in our lovely friend Sam to be our make-up guinea pig. To start, gather everything you own with the words ‘iridescent’ and ‘glitter’ in their titles. Now that you’re ready to win a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant, let’s begin.


Step 1

Get glowing! I started off with applying The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer. I then covered Sam’s face in my MAC Mineralize Moisture foundation in NC15 (R330 from MAC), using a stippling brush. I then highlighted her face (because angels are highlighted and devils are contoured, obv) using my favourite Lush Feeling Younger (R165 from Lush). If you need to brush up (lol) on your highlighting technique, take a trip over to my first review on Smudged.


Step 2

Next I prepped Sam’s eyes with NYX Eyeshadow Base in White (R100 from Clicks), bringing it up to right under the brow. I applied it more thickly than usual to make the eyes as pale as possible. I then took my Michellori Fast Liner in White (R79.95 from DisChem) and drew a large cat eye that covered the entire eyelid. You can emphasise this a bit more by layering on a highlighter-shade eyeshadow like this cream-coloured one from Ralo  (R22.50, and it’s the best highlighter shade ever!)


Step 3

Next I pressed some white glitter into the eye shadow base. We used Glamour Glitter from the DisChem sale section, R20! Dust it all over the eyelid and underneath the eye. This is one time when shadow fall-out is a good thing.


Step 4

Now we’re going to get crafty. Use false eyelash glue (I use DUO, it’s the best) to apply small diamantes under the eye. Mine were from a nail art pack from Urban Outfitters, but you’ll be able to find them at any craft store. I applied them to the inner corners of Sam’s eyes, and then dotted them around underneath the eye area.


Step 5

To finish the look off, I added some more glitter around the eye area (you can also use a glitter eyeliner here if you’d like). I then dipped an angled eyeliner brush into the NYX eye shadow base, and coated the lashes. This makes a big difference to the overall look, black mascara would ruin all our hard work! We finished off with a coat of  NYX Xtreme lip cream in 10 Natural on the lips.

Here’s our angelic Sam…



Pretty! Now her and Jodi can stand on either side of me and talk me into/out of bad things :)

Have a great day lovelies, and tweet us @smudgedbeauty with what you’re going as for Halloween!

Love and Nightmare Before Christmas reruns,




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  2. This is gorgeous! Love the way you used the shadow on the lashes :)

    1. Thanks so much :)

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