Roy Lichtenstein: my Pop Art Hero would be Proud Tutorial

Because it’s Monday, we’re trying to make it a better day by introducing another favourite look of ours. It’s no secret that us Smudged girls have a bit of a thing for Art History. We’re cool/nerds like that. We can drop Surrealism or Pop Art into any old conversation like it ain’t no thang. Today we are honouring Roy Lichtenstein and his cartoon-esque Pop style by transforming the beautiful Sam into a living cartoon. Last week Sam was an angel, this week she’s a cartoon.


Gather your tools: for this look, it ended up requiring less rather than more. We used MAC Mineralize in NC15, Maybelline Gel liner in 01 Black R99,95 (the old packaging is pictured which is not as good as the new one!); MAC Eye Shadow in Freshwater R180, an old Revlon pink ColourStay lipstick (any will do), and a white face paint (this one was +/- R10 at Cardies).


To get your skin a nice flat tone, layer your foundation to create a smooth, flat surface. Pretend you’re painting, it really helps this whole process.


Next up, using the gel liner and a small brush draw in the ‘concerned’ eyebrows and outline all of the facial features, so think about if you were drawing a picture, where would you place the outlines. As you can see, I lined Sam’s ears, neck, collar bones, cleavage; the works.


Once you’re done ‘outlining’ your face; you can go ahead and start with the dots. Try to keep the dots consistent and the same size. If it is easier for you, you can also use a white eye pencil.


Next up, I applied the lipstick, outlined it in black and added a bit of white to give it a sheen. Finally, I included some lashes for drama and added in the blue flood of tears which I also outlined in black and added some white to give it that wet shine look.


Finally, style your outfit and put your hair down. We would have liked Sam’s blonde mane more yellow, but we figured we were pushing it. Let’s take a sec to say a massive thank you to Sam for being such a darling and letting us attack her with eyeliner in parts of her face where eyeliner isn’t meant to go. Feel free to visit her blog here because she’s awesome and we love her.

Happy Day!




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