So the alternate title for this post was ‘The Worst I Have Ever Looked’. But as a ginger who only discovered eyebrow dye at age 15, I think we all know that’s just not true. This, however, is a close second.

Zombies are totes the new vampires. Apparently we as humans tend to become fascinated with certain supernatural characters according to the time. So because vampires represent sexuality and alternative family structures, they became popular during a time of sexual liberation. Now that we’re all scared of the world ending, we’re into zombies. Dropping knowledge yo.

So to stay up to date with the world’s paranoia, and to celebrate my undying love for The Walking Dead, I made myself into a zombie just for you guys. This look is preferably gory, scary and definitely unattractive. Let’s do it!


Step 1

Start by mixing up your zombie paint. I mixed white face paint (about R11 from Cardies), green concealer (an old one from MAC) and moisturiser (I love Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser) . Paint on using a foundation brush. The idea is to get yourself as sickly pale as possible, so layer up! Rub it over your lips too, it’ll emphasise any dry skin (this is a good thing!).


Step 2

Who knew green eyeshadow could double up as a contouring shade? (Hint: it doesn’t) I used an old Woolworths cream eyeshadow and MAC eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive (R180) to emphasise my cheekbones, collarbone and to darken under the chin.


Step 3

Time to get messy. Line the waterline with red liner (I used my MAC lipliner in Brick, R165) to get that lovely inflamed look. Then do the exact opposite of what every beauty mag has told you, and emphasise those undereye circles! I used a mixture of MAC eyeshadow in purple (Nocturnelle – R180) and black (Black Tied – R180). Concentrate the colour around your eyes, and fade it out right up over the eyebrows and down to the cheekbones. Don’t blend too well, it looks better the more mottled the colour. I found it easiest to ‘stamp’ the eyeshadows using a firm eyeshadow brush.


Step 4

Now we get on to the lips. I used my beautiful Mac Viva Glam 1 (Original Ru Paul Edition) R185, and stamped the colour onto my lips and around my mouth. Keep it imperfect and asymmetrical, brain-eating is a messy business. I then took my  The Body Shop Eye Definer in  01 Black R110 and roughly outlined my lips, then smudged it inwards.


Step 5

Finally, I got out an old berry-coloured lipgloss from Benefit. Let’s just take a moment to remember that Benefit is no longer available in SA…



Aaaand we’re back. I swiped the gloss over and around my mouth, then added some to my chest and neck. Zombies are not neat-freaks guys, take this opportunity to be disgusting! Then tease your hair and wear your most disgruntled/hungry facial expression. In fact the end result is pretty close to what I look like after a night out before a McDonald’s breakfast.


Then, if you’re gross/gullible like me, let Jodi convince you to rub damp coffee granules all over the front of your teeth…



See that right there? That is how committed we are to bringing you honest beauty tutorials. Probably at the cost of me finding love one day. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

Love and braaains,




  1. So much of greatness!

    ps: Just so you guys know I think I’ve read every post ever. And some of them twice.

    1. Ah Zoe you’re the best!!

    2. I want to like this! WordPress get a like button!

  2. Creeeeeepyyyyy, but great :) x

    1. Me in a nutshell ;)

    1. Yay thank you! Just had a look at your blog, it’s awesome too! xx

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