Decomposing Digits (not for the queasy)

Hello lovies,

Following on from Michelle’s Zombified tutorial and feeding onto the human condition of paranoia (what, whaattt!?) we figure having a zombie face and wearing your rags covered in blood and guts was all good and dandy, but what about when people see your hands?! They wouldn’t believe for a second you’re the undead; and you know what they say about a lady’s hands showing signs of ageing first!


Gather your tools: keep that nasty green face paint Michelle concocted yesterday, one false nail (or however many you want but remember, authenticity is key so keep the shattered nail look to a minimal), I used these for R44,95; clear Bostik glue, a perfect dark red like  VAO nailpolish in Charming (R69.95 from Beauty Factory); Revlon Blackest Black R89,99, nail clippers, a nail file and your crusty old paint brush and some moss green eye shadow if you have one knocking about.


Cut your fake nail the same length as your actual nail and then give it a file. You want it ragged but not a hazard to yourself. Then chop that fake nail into a few pieces- this can be as many as you like but remember not to make the pieces too small.


Glue a few of the pieces to your actual nail using the clear glue, and cover the nail with a bit of extra glue on the side that is the ‘skin’ bit. Keep in mind that when a nail shatters, it usually does so from the tip of the nail and not the base as much.


Once the glue is dry, with your crusty paint brush, paint the nail and nail bed all along the crack with the red. Add more layers of red and a bit of the black in corners where you could imagine blood drying and scabbing. (What a disgusting word, sorry guys)


Once the nail is dry, use that same brush and paint some red along your hand and nailbeds where you imagine skin cracking and bleeding, and paint in the cracks of the skin and knuckles. Using your green paste, pale the hands leaving some areas lighter than others. Apply some of the green eye shadow in sections of the hand where you’d find shadows as well as a bit onto the nails that remain intact.

Feel free to reenact this move when ever you feel fit…

Thriller taught us the only way zombies move. For your reference, of course.





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