Black Swan Tutorial

Happy Friday dearests!

How was your Halloween? We celebrated last weekend with cake and copious amount of lethal punch. What we remember was great! :) Our amazing friend Emma let us turn her into Nina from Black Swan for the night. Have you guys seen that movie? I swear I’m still traumatised. Nevertheless it makes the perfect dress-up costume for someone who wants to go all out but still look relatively attractive (ie. is not interested in my zombie tutorial). Psycho ballerinas are hot guys, take note! So let’s get to it…


Step 1

Prep your face. I used my MAC Mineralize in NC15 (R330) because it’s too pale for Em, which is perfect for this. White face paint would also work if you have. I buffed it in with a stippling brush and set with powder. Because this look is so heavy on the eye make-up, I also primed Em’s eyelids with  NYX Eyeshadow Base in White (R100 from Clicks).


Step 2

Next, take your favourite black pencil liner (I love (The Body Shop Eye Definer in 01 Black, R110) and sketch an outline of the eye shape you want to achieve. The shape we’re going for follows the top of the eyebrows and fans out at the edge of the eyes, while the inner corners extend down towards the nose. Fill in the shape with black eyeshadow (MAC Black Tied is awesome, R180).


Step 3

Take a liquid liner (I used NYX Super Skinny Marker, R129 from Clicks) to cover the eyeshadow in short feathery strokes. It will begin to look like black feathers, just what we want! I also brought the liner underneath Em’s eyes.


Step 4


Next, you’re going to do the same thing as in Step 3, but with white liquid liner. I like Michellori Fast Liner in White (R79.95 from DisChem). Draw little feathery strokes all over the eye, it will blend with the black to create a silvery colour.


Step 5

The best step…glitter! I used an old Essence glitter liner in silver to draw flecks all over the eye, and followed with mascara.


Step 6

Time for the lips! I used my Mac Viva Glam 1 (Original Ru Paul Edition) R185 (which you could win here!) and filled the lips in. I then took a black pencil liner and lightly outlined the lips, then smudged it inwards. Done!

Here’s the final look…




Beautiful right? Ready to take over the dance world with her crazy! Thanks Em for being an amazing model!

Love and compromising scenes with Mila Kunis,




  1. Shweetaza · · Reply

    nice! check out my black swan look!

    1. It looks awesome!

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