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Morning dearests

Today I’m going to talk about something very close to my heart; living cruelty-free. As a vegetarian of almost 4 years, I would love to get to a place where all the products I use are not tested on animals. I’m not there yet, but I am trying to make kinder choices every day. It’s hard to do that without information, so I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of brands available in SA that do not test on animals. Here are a few of the good guys…

This is by no means a complete list, and I will update it as I find new brands. Let me know if you know of any others!





  1. If you want to be sure that your list is accurate stick with the Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed companies. If it’s not endorsed by BwC (who is an accepted independent organisation able to audit such claims) then I wouldn’t trust their claims. It costs nothing to be endorsed by BwC and then the consumer knows that the claims have been tested and not found wanting.

  2. I would review this list, there are some products, I can spot 3 straight away, here that are actually tested either by parent companies or third parties.

    1. Hi Carrie,

      I removed the one brand, Yves Rocher, now after reading that they now do test on animals. Please let us know which brands you found that test using third parties and parent companies so that we can mention it next to the brand. We are constantly revising this and adding brands to it that we come across but without help it all becomes very difficult.

      1. Rimmel is a part of a Coty Inc. which doesn’t test on animals by themselves but they do sell products in China where the animal testing is mandatory by law so it shouldn’t be on this list.

  3. I always struggle to know if the products I use are cruelty-free (not everyone shows it on their products) but I came across an online store that only stock certified cruelty-free products, http://www.happibunni.co.za, including some house cleaning stuff that I didn’t know you can get. Mostly body care stuff, hair body and face-care. I’ve tried the shampoos and conditioners and they are awesome.

  4. Beauty without Cruelty have an Approved Product list that lists companies that have complied with their very strict requirements for endorsement. Not only do the manufactures not test on animals, but their suppliers do not test either, and no external company tests on their behalf.

    If a company is not listed on the Beauty without Cruelty list you have to ask yourself why.

    1. I believe it is also up to your own judgement and personal research. While Lush is not on the Beauty without Cruelty, they decided to take it further than face value and actively campaign against it. They are on the Peta list however and do extensive researchin into their suppliers and will not support any companies that test on animals or use palm oil. I think it also comes down to being sensitive to your choices and the impact it has.

      Thanks for this though, I am really glad that we are trying to grow this list so if there’s any more you feel we should add that are available in South Africa, please let us know and put it up too. We are also quite fortunate that they are so many sustainable, conscious and ethical local brands available to us here. :)

  5. […] farking amazing, ethically wonderful and superb skincare brand when Michelle posted some of the cruelty free brands available to us in South Africa. I feel like we need to talk a whole dang lot about Lulu & […]

  6. Tarah Darge · · Reply

    Hi Mich

    I also try my best to only buy cruelty free. As far as I know rimmel, almay, yves rocher, decelor are all definitely tested on aminals (I count testing ingredients too, as well as factoring in the holding companies), as it is a requirement by China unfortunately. Also, Woolies has just sold out and can no longer call themselves cruelty free. If you check their new stuff, the bunny logo is off. They now source their creams from China too. Th

    1. Hi Tarah
      I spoke to the representative for Decleor and Yves Rocher and she told me that they are cruelty free. I will look into the above brands again and update the list!

    2. Yeah it is so sad, seems like more and more companies are selling out everyday. Stila is not cruelty free anymore either as they ‘test when required by law” so basically they do test on animals.

  7. claudiaruth · · Reply

    Paul Mitchell is cruelty free :)

  8. Charlotte Rhys is a leading luxury brand of highly sophisticated bath, body, skincare and lifestyle products and five star luxury hotel toiletries.. All Charlotte Rhys products are accredited by Beauty Withbout Cruelty and conform to the BWC very strict standards, criteria and requirements. The brand is also vegan friendly.

    1. Great, they’re on the list :)

  9. Hi Mich!

    I am a long time follower of your blog (love it!), and would love to introduce to you my new venture into cruelty-free, 100% natural skincare – Lulu & Marula. Lulu & Marula is all about giving your skin what it needs to be young and healthy, without any of the bad stuff that your skin doesn’t actually need. Would love it if you could please take a look at our new website!

    Jesslynn xx

    1. That’s wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll add you to the list now!
      Website looks amazing, would love to chat some more about your brand. Will mail you :)

    2. Oh and I’m obsessed with your packaging, it’s beautiful!

  10. I heard Stila isn’t technically cruelty free any more, but it depends if you include testing done externally because they want to sell in China

    1. Hmm that’s no good. I also heard they weren’t, but then saw that they’re on the PETA list for companies who do not test. I wonder if it’s up to date?

  11. Susan O'Keeffe · · Reply

    ANd love to add REN – clean skin care to your list!

    1. Great, done! Thanks so much for the info :)

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