Where the Wild Things Are Vol 2: Filling those babies in

Hello lovely readers

A while back I spoke to you about my awful eyebrow judging method. Today we’re tackling another know-how on the upkeep of those bad boys. Firstly, let’s say that brows don’t NEED to be filled in if they are super fair or if you’re a dude. Because let’s face it, if I saw a ginger dude with filled in eyebrows I’d have a giggle (unless he had the skill of Sharon Needles or a Desperate Scousewife).

Desperate Scousewives, how I wish we could watch here in SA

I started filling in my already dark brows when I was 19 and have not gone back since. The first time I did it, I was playing* with MAC Mulch eye shadow (it has a shimmer so don’t ask me why I didn’t wait) but it looked so immaculate and well groomed (albeit shimmery) that my friend’s mom asked me if I’d had them shaped because they looked lovely.  That weekend I went to the Body Shop with my own hairy-worm-browed mother** and bought their Brow and Liner Kit that I still use to this day despite having lost it during moving several times***


Here are my normal brows with nothing in them- nothing ghastly but nothing to get particularly excited about.

Gather your tools: since I’m going to be using both a pencil and a powder to show you the difference, I’ve used the Body Shop Brow Definer in Dark Brown R110, a spoolie or old mascara wand and my old faithful Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit (sadly, I bought this very long ago and not quite sure of the price but once I find out, I will add it) or you can use Essence Eyebrow Styling Set R34,95 ; an angled brush like this Beautique one, gifted but from Edgars; and clear brow gel. It really depends on you, what you prefer and what suits your lifestyle.


Pencil: I often get asked why you can’t use an eyeliner pencil for filling in your brows. There are two main reasons: brown eyeliner is far, far too dark. I don’t care how light you’re pressing. No. And two, because eyeliner smudges like a bi-atch and on a hot day your brows will melt off your face by the time you’re done reading your emails. Eyebrow pencil is harder and has a waxier texture so it holds to the skin a lot easier.

When filling your brow in with a pencil, I like to start the same way as with powder; small hair-like strokes that mimic tiny hairs alternating every now and then with the spoolie to remove excess product and keep it evenly blended. I’ve recently bought the Essence Designer Brow pencil in 02 and I am pretty darn impressed. So if you’re worried, for R19,95 you can try it out and get used to it before committing to daily brow upkeep.


Powder: When using powder I like to start with the lighter shade on the thicker, inner part of the brow, focusing on filling in gaps rather than defining them. I use short, sweeping strokes outward with the wider side of the brush to cover more area. Then I take a little of the darker shade and turn the brush to the thinner side, and using small hair like strokes gently fill in and define the arch and end point. I then like to fill any holes I may have missed. With powder, I find the product holds really well and gives me a neater finish, especially great if you’re going out.

When selecting a colour, always pick something two shades lighter than your hair because you can always build up pigment. In my pin-up obsessed days, I used to fill them in using only the darkest colour for night and only the lightest colour for day. It was very flat and dramatic but that’s what I liked at the time, so if that’s your vibe go right ahead.


I have only thrown on some foundation here and already it looks better. The left eyebrow is filled in with pencil and the right is done with powder so you can see the difference.

It really does make such a big difference to your face. I’ve had people tell me my make up looks really nice when all I’ve done was throw on some BB Cream, got my brows on and mascara (as a testament to student life when I’m usually too lazy to bother in the morning).

Cheerio all,





* During my gap few months after high school I was alone at home during the day and got bored so I’d occupy myself with my make up. Also, during university I lived on my own, procrastinated A LOT and lived two blocks away from a big Canadian drugstore, Shoppers Drugmart- think Clicks on ‘roids.

** My mom has untamed eyebrows and calls me a sadist when I pin her down and attack her eyebrows; she also freaks out when I try and fill in her brows because it ‘looks odd’. I blame the 80’s for her blasé attitude towards eyebrow upkeep.

*** I’ve recently moved house which means I have no idea where any of my things are. Months from now, I’ll find my beloved old Body Shop brow duo and it will feel like a beautiful gift.


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  1. Wendy Sheldon · · Reply

    Love this, Jodi! Thank you! :))

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