Apocalips NOW


Apocalips now – get it? Anyway, a while ago I got my hands on this Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial. Such a beautful name for such a beautiful colour. The gloss applicator has a little hole/well in it, that collects the product so that you can get the perfect colour with only one application. Β The applicator is one of my favourite things about this product – bit different to normal lip gloss applicators and it goes on perfectly.


Celestial has a really great consistency, not too glossy or sticky. Apocalips starts off wet and satiny, but dries matte, and the colour really does last for a good few hours once it’s dried. (Just ensure that it is dry before you drink/eat/touch your lips. Once it’s dry, go ahead and eat/drink, the colour is not going ANYWHERE.)


There are nice other colours in the Apocalips range, and I’ve definitely got my eye on the nude colour – it looks amazing. You can see the rest of the range here. Β You can get your hands on Rimmel Apocalips at Dischem now for only R79.90.

If you’ve ever tried one of the Apocalips colours – let me know, would love to hear what you think.

Love, lip gloss and stars,




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  2. That color looks really nice on you!

    1. Thank you >_<

  3. themakeuphound · · Reply

    That looks really nice on. I got the nude colour but it’s a bit too brown for me. I will have to give this one a go! x

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