Forever New SS13 Launch

Last week Smudged was invited to the Forever New SS13 Launch at the Waterfront store. Jodi and I went to the launch to represent Smudged (we were very excited – FANCY THINGS!). The evening started with a fashion show of their new collection on a grass catwalk outside the store. The new range is beautiful and is just what we’ve come to expect from Forever New. Lace, cream, sparkles and floral – what more does a girl need?


After the beautiful fashion show we went inside the store for champers, pink lemonade and the most delicious snacks we’ve ever seen. I’M SERIOUS. Delicious.  Jodi and I got to have a walk around the store and look at all the clothes, we tried to choose our top 5 items but it was impossible – we wanted EVERYTHING. Jodi and I may have been slightly inappropriate – we hope noone heard the ways we were lusting over some of the clothing. I would do many naughty things for that white classic blazer. Moving on.


Forever New has also JUST started selling a perfume range – we’ll be telling you more about that very soon! Thanks Forever New for a lovely launch, we had so much fun!


Love, lace and sparkles,



One comment

  1. The Macaron holders are so adorable!
    Perf colours for Spring / Summer!


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