Buffy Review

Hey all,

Warning: I love the tv series buffy more than most people love their children. It is my favourite show in the entire universe. Period. Expect Buffy gifs throughout this blog post.


On my first trip to Lush I made a wish list with about 7 items from the store that I wanted to purchase throughout the year. Buffy was top of that list. And now that I own it (fok yeah) I can give you all a personal review! First off, this is what Lush says about Buffy:

“Massage our Buffy body butter all over your wet skin in the bath or shower to make you softer and smooth to the touch, paying special attention to your backside. We add ground rice, almonds and beans to Buffy to act as exfoliants; the rough textures eliminate lumps and bumps and sloughs away dry skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher looking skin. Rinse off the exfoliating bits and pat yourself dry. There’s no need for body lotion after a Buffy slaying session, because the cocoa and shea butters keep your skin beautifully smooth, moisturized and soft to the touch”


The reason for my deep craving to get Buffy on my bod was because:

1) I love exfoliators, especially a rough body scrub that I can lather on in the shower ooooh steamah! Not only do exfoliators remove dead skin better than any sponge, loafer or brush it also leaves my skin feeling softer than any cream I’ve every tried.

2) After using it there would be no need to apply a body moisturiser or cream or butter! Two in one! Bam!

As expected Buffy did not let me down, she performed exactly as expected and left my skin feeling soooooooo creamah! The only thing you have to remember after using is to not wipe yourself dry with a towel but instead pat so that you do not remove the oils left on your body. Your skin will feel heavily moisturised afterwards but if you wait for maybe 5-10 mins your skin will absorb the oils and the greasiness will be gone. I recommend grabbing a bath robe and doing your other bodily prep work before putting your clothes straight on after you use Buffy.

This is how buffy kicks ass. Now go out and buy some!

This is how buffy kicks ass. Babe and body butter.

I’ve also read that Buffy is incredibly effective at helping get rid of keratosis pilaris (little bumps on the top of arms and legs) and busting up cellulite/uneven skin or even a fantastic shaving cream. I can fully believe that as it is one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used, like evur, and also has crazy moisturising properties (cocoa and shea butter).  So don’t think of it as a soap or just an exfoliator, it’s a little bit like a multitasker that can do it all with one good massage all over your body. For me it’s definitely a HG product, so be prepared for a serious bad skin slaying treatment!


You can buy a bar of Buffy body butter at any Lush store. The 200g bars go for about R120 and the 90g for R80.

Happy slaying,



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