Festive Coral French Mani: REVAMP

It’s November. Jeepers creepers how’d that happen!? In prep for all of the parties and overeating and drinking, we thought we’d spend a bit of time saying welcome to spring. While I might be a grump most of the time, at this stage of the year I’m a bit like this guy:

Sugar induced nice-ness exuding from me at Christmas time, or the fact that I get a spot of holidays still because I’m a 24 year old student. Hollah.

Back to the purpose of the post: Coral and spring go hand in hand; both vibrant, fresh and youthful. (That word makes me uneasy and giddy. Again- youthful – like we’re 90 year olds reminiscing about our youth)


Gather your tools: we used a lovely bright coral by NYC (I bought it years ago and no longer know the price; it also photographed quite red but it’s more lumo coral in real),  Sally Hanson Nearly Nude (from their manicure kit) +/- R74,50 and nail stickers that Beth got while on holiday in Japan. I’ve seen some great ones in the sale bins at Dischem.


Paint your nails a solid coral. I used two coats and it was nice and solid. Follow with your white tips as you would a normal french manicure like this: step-2

Finally, add your little decals. I learned that once you apply them you really have put a top coat on or otherwise they slide right off and get all tacky and gross. Not a good look or feel really, it’s that same feeling of finding gum on shoe but on your nails which is much more shocking and nasty-like.


For a better look: final-nail-art

Happy Wednesday




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