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Make-up brushes are on this monday morning’s agenda today. Specifically my favourites from the Ecotools range!

Wow the difference between poor quality and high quality make-up brushes is amazeballs. I slowly built my way up from the cheapo grocery store quality to some pretty decent ones that I now own today. I’m hoping to one day purchase the best quality ones, but for now my make-up money is spent on new products instead of more brushes. There are however some truly great budget brushes that match the super expensive ones pretty well and those gems make all the difference. Make-up brushes can be unbelievably expensive but can really make or break the way your make-up appears. There are some fantastic synthetic brushes on the market that lower the price and are more make-up friendly as some of the natural brushes (e.g. squirrel or goat, yes goat for reals MAC 217 anyone?) absorb more powder/liquid/minerals into the brush itself so you end up using so much more product than needed. I would personally never feel comfortable using natural fibre brushes no matter how consciously they acquired the bristles so I am more than happy with what other brands have come up with as a substitute.


A great brand that I love love love is Ecotools. It is an eco-friendly beauty tools company created with Alicia Silverstone (remember Clueless?), made with synthetic bristles that are so soft it’s incredible and even the packaging is amazing! All recyclable, the handles are bamboo and the branding on the product is laser burnt into the handle so no dyes, or metallic finishes were needed. When this much thought and honesty goes into what the brand stands for you are just that much more happier supporting them. And did I mention so reasonably priced?! You can buy their range of brushes from Clicks or even Pick n Pay and they start around R60. Their 6 piece eye set of make-up brushes have the names of their uses i.e. smudge, blend, highlight etc. etched onto the brush its self, which is pretty cool for beginners.


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  1. […] you prefer. I used my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (R180) and an angled eyeliner brush (I love my Ecotools one) to draw a bold cat eye. Lily’s is thin at the inner corner of the eye and very thick at […]

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