Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (or What I Call: the Fancy Shit that Saved my Sahara-Like Skin)

If you are one of the lovely people who read our first posts (my mum) or checked out our questionnaires (pretty much you again, Mum- thank you, you are a lovely lady!) you’d see I complained a lot about the patches of desert-like scales which scattered my face- eyebrows, tops of my cheeks, odd spots where nothing happens on my forehead- pretty much all over (I do have horrendously dry skin and am terribly lazy at moisturizing and have a disgusting form of eczema that flairs up in the summer which looks like little water blisters BUT more on that another time).

I love Kiehls. Their old timey packaging and farking amazing products was first introduced to me during my time at university in Toronto. Their store was on one of the busiest shopping districts near to the GAP and Lush and all the other lovely shops we sadly don’t have here YET. My cousin that I lived with was a pastry chef so her hands were always extremely dry. Her wonderful boss who used to feature on a local day time show with his super trendy new kitchen gadget or to-die-for-(insert AH-MAZING food here) told her to get her booty into Kiehls on Queen Street (how Gossip Girl!) and get their hand salve. While she ummed and aahed about the price I was in skin care heaven. Trying everything. I mean everything.


A good couple months back I won this beautiful baby on a Kiehls 30 Day Challenge hosted by the gorgeous Kim Grey. I was a bad winner because I had to report back to her on how it was going and did an aweful job doing so, mostly because of guilt and life whacking me in the face hard that month. I liked the lavender smell of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate but I did break out a bit at first plus being in the middle of a hectic term at school and struggling to juggle my life with school. (Now I know and understand that my life is school which makes it all much easier) In hindsight the break out was probably due to stress, not Kiehls as I had initially thought. I figured it was just a gimmick and was bad when it came to using it though I was still expecting miracles overnight.

Fast forward to now; because I used to have an addiction to buying new products, for the last two years I’ve had to promise myself that I wont buy products unless I ACTUALLY need them, I carried on using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate every night. Especially after my stay up all night to get… work done. Like all good things I had to wait to see the biggest difference.

Claims and What’s in it:

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate claims to “visibly restore the skin’s appearance by morning”. See why I expected my skin to look like Miranda Kerr’s by morning? The serum is loaded full of essential oils such as evening primrose, lavender and Kiehl’s signature squalane, a botanical lipid closest to those in our skin. Due to the natural wonders packed into the serum, it also has no parabens. SCORE.

How I apply it:

One of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers Estee from Essie Button was saying how her and her boyfriend go through this like there’s no tomorrow. If you apply a lot it will be gone before you know it. The lid is an eye dropper and you actually only need 2 drops in your palm, warmed up and pressed into the skin. I tend to get excited and use 4 drops on very dry days but usually about 3. I don’t rub it in but rather press my hands firmly on my face and neck. This is the perfect amount of moisture for my skin so I don’t worry about adding a night cream on top of that either in order for my skin to breathe.

Now will I buy it again:

My patches are gone and my Sahara-like patches are even and well nourished. My nose is still a tad dry but that’s from blowing my nose so much during allergy season. And might I add, that what they (whomever ‘they’ are) say is true, if you find the right products for your skin, whatever you put on top sits so much better. Beth said my skin was looking glowy on Sunday at our weekly photo-taking and I think it’s softer too. My skin tone issues haven’t quite evened out yet but I have put another Kiehl’s product on my Christmas list to sort that out for during the day. I would definitely buy this again without batting an eyelid if I didn’t eat for two weeks and began collecting donations.*

Bonne Wednesday to you all


*I tried calling Edgars in Canal Walk for over an hour to transfer me to Kiehl’s to find out the price but after finally being transferred, they didn’t pick up and cut me off instead. I tried calling again but no luck there either. Once I get my hands on the price I’ll pop it in and tweet it. So if you’re in Canal Walk near Edgars, pop in rather because heaven forbid you try to call during their construction that’s going on now.



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  2. I’m glad you’re mentioning that you broke out a little a first, because I just got my bottle yesterday and used it immediately that night. By the morning, it seem like I had a bunch of zits (with pus) on my face. (#゚Д゚) But now that I think about it, I haven’t slept at night in about three days (I took 2-3 hours nap during the day whenever I could) – it’s finals week at college. Stress might be why I’m breaking out more often, or it just does a goddamn amazing job at purging!! Either way, I think I’ll try it for a few more weeks. (Kiehl’s have an awesome 30 day return guarantee)

    1. Yeah stress makes your skin react in odd ways as well as hormones which is why we can’t really say it’s the product that didn’t work. It really took me a good long while and figuring out what combination of products to use before I realised I really love it which is why I stopped using moisturizer at night. I suggest using a good balm cleanser day and night, tone like normal and then use the Midnight Concentrate. Adding some masks into your skincare also helps all of those nasties and the Kiehls essential oils will help soothe the skin. Let me know how you get on with it. The two products I can’t live without now is definitely the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and my balm cleanser :)

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