Lily Allen ‘Hard out Here’ Tutorial

Morning lovelies!

Have you seen Lily Allen’s newest video, Hard Out Here? It comments on the objectification of women in the music industry, ripping off videos such as Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’. Watch it now!

I love Lily Allen and her sugar sweet delivery of feminist ideology. I personally think she could’ve taken the satire further, but I respect how she consistently addresses issues within her industry (remember The Fear?). I would like to see her go a bit further with her analyses, particularly with the issue (and sadly, trend) of the commodification  of women of colour within music videos. I’m looking at you Miley. But that’s a discussion for a whole different blog post. Regardless, I’m pretty stoked that there’s a catchy song out there that makes me want to dance and smash the patriarchy at the same time. It’s a rare combination.

The video opens on Lily on the operating table, undergoing plastic surgery while in full make-up. It involves a cat eye, red lips and gold glitter. I could not resist. Here is my version…





Step 1:

Get your canvas ready. I applied my trusty MAC Mineralize Moisture foundation in NC15 (R330) using a stippling brush and then set it with Clinique Blended Face Powder in Invisible Blend (R325). I then filled in my brows by applying Essence Brow Gel (R29.95), letting it dry for a minute or so, and applying  MAC eyeshadow in Folie (R180) with an angled brush.


Step 2:

Contour the cheeks. I applied Sleek Suede Effect Pressed Powder in 02 by drawing a rounded ‘E’ on each side of my face. The ‘E’ starts at the temple, extends on the cheekbone and ends at the chin.

Next, get to work on the eyes. I lined my waterline with Essence eyeliner in White (R14.95) to give a wide-eyed effect. I then applied the gold glitter from a Beauty Treats glitter palette from DisChem (R29.95). This slid around a bit, so I’d recommend rather applying a cream shadow and pressing gold glitter into it. That should last longer. Using an angled brush, draw an exaggerated cat-eye shape using the glitter. The wing should extend to at least the point parallel to where your eyebrow ends.


Step 3:

Time for my favourite part, the eyeliner! I prefer a gel eyeliner, but you could use liquid if you prefer. I used my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (R180) and an angled eyeliner brush (I love my Ecotools one) to draw a bold cat eye. Lily’s is thin at the inner corner of the eye and very thick at the outer corner, so don’t be afraid to get dramatic. The wing should follow the bottom of the shape you made in the gold glitter.


Step 4:

Now for the finishing touches. I lined my lips in MAC lipliner in Brick (R165) and filled them in with MAC lipstick in Russian Red (R185). Russian Red is a bright blue red with an amazing matte finish. It’s a cult classic for a reason people! Lastly I applied my favourite falsies from Chinatown (R8). And ta-dah! I’m ready for my lipo appointment.



I really love this over the top look, and am going to try it with different colours of glitter too. Would you rock this? Let us know @smudgedbeauty! And let us know what you think of Lily Allen’s attempt at a ‘feminist anthem’, would love to know your thoughts.

Have a great day dearests,



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  1. So so beautiful michmoo! Please make my eyes look like that! :) x

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