We were very lucky to be contacted by this brand new, cruelty free, farking amazing, ethically wonderful and superb skincare brand when Michelle posted some of the cruelty free brands available to us in South Africa. I feel like we need to talk a whole dang lot about Lulu & Marula.

Born out of creator and founder Jesslynn’s skincare and sustainability obsession the brand got its name from her sweet pooch Lulu (Oh my word, we should be besties!) and her basis for all of her range, Marula oil, known for its skincare properties as a similar oil that our skin produces.

As a team consisting of 75% designers, we have to say that this is the prettiest product we’ve seen in a good long while. More impressively, the product itself is a dream for all skins.

I’ve been using their Balancing Cleansing Balm for the last few days in my twice-daily double cleanse. The texture of the balm is very soft and buttery and smells fresh as it has sweet orange- a natural antiseptic and inflammatory; lavender for calming and antibacterial properties; and (my favourite scent in the world) bergamot oil which is great for skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. This is a good balm for all skin types so oilier girls, don’t back away from it. The essential oils are really going to help balance everything out and keep your skin clean and hydrated which will actually leave you with a clear complexion.

According to Jesslynn (on her own skin which is very different to mine): I have oily, blemish prone skin, so these products really work to balance and calm my skin, helping to prevent and eliminate any breakouts, while keeping my skin super soft and healthy (not dry and tight!). I think one of the biggest and most destructive myths is that you shouldn’t put oil on oily skin. Botanical oils are actually essential in treating oily, problematic skin, as oil breaks down oil. They help to balance the skins’ natural oil production, while decongesting skin and calming any breakouts. This is particularly important when cleansing, as many cleansers marketed for oily skin strip the skin’s natural oils, causing it to produce more oil.


When the balm makes contact with your skin it melts into an oil, making removing make up an absolute dream. After massaging into my skin for about half a minute; I use a warm, damp face cloth to wipe away the excess and any make up residue. To make sure I’m giving my skin a good clean, I apply another pea size amount into my face and neck and after wringing out the cloth, I slick off the balm. My skin is so soft and doesn’t have any tightness or dryness when I use it. This means I have enough time to finish making my tea before carrying on with my skincare routine.

Here’s a little bit more about Lulu & Marula:


Now here’s the exciting part: we are giving away one of their Balancing Cleansing Balms to a lucky reader! The Lulu and Marula Giveaway will run until Thursday 5, December 2013. To enter, click here.


Holding thumbs!




  1. where can I buy this product?

    1. Hi Faith, you can order their products online at :) the rest of their range looks incredible!

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    A snap view on the Lulu & Marula Balm that I Just won from the Smudged Giveaway..

  3. I want to win and I totally support handcrafted, cruelty free goodies… Holding thumbs and big toes up….

  4. Me, me, me dear Rafflecopter!!! Been dying to try this balm :) Fingers crossed xx

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