MCQP & Madame Zingara Space Nails

Hi liefs!

Continuing with our tutorials to get you inspired for this year’s MCQP we’ve created a simple nail art tutorial. We used two nail polishes from the Magic Masquerade Mask & Nail Kit Madame Zingara sent us.


Step 1


To create the inverted triangle effect I cut the corners off a post-it note, then secured it to my nail using tape. Make sure the corner is attached as flat to the nail as possible so the polish doesn’t run under the paper.

Step 2


Apply a single coat of polish over the corners of your nail and post-it note corner. You can use any colour from the kit but I went with the deep cerise pink colour. It dries to a red finnish but still retains a pink under tone which is why I love it!

Step 3


Remove the paper and clean up an mistakes on the nail with an earbud dipped in nail polish remover. I also used the wooden nail art picks that came with the kit to neaten up the edges of the lines before the polish sets.

Step 4


As a final step I used the special nail art polish that comes in the kit which is great for creating really detailed looks. It’s a thin long brush that I used to add the pink dots and lines under the red V shapes.

Love y’all,



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