Shine Bright Like a Diamond in the Sky in 15 mins for MCQP with Madame Zingara

Ok, ok, by now you all know that your gurl Riri and I are tight. Like besties (in my mind). When Diamonds comes on, I have been known to emotive dance (not a pretty sight, mind you) and get a little too into it.  Excitingly, The Greatest Song to Dance To 4Eva (I went there), was written by Sia Furler. Both Riri and Sia remind me of beautiful constellations, hence the inspiration for this tutorial.

So it’s the night of MCQP, you’ve just got home from work/shopping/late lunch/gym/whatevs, and you have 20 mins to get ready before your friendies pick you up. EEEK! Not any more….! I’ve made this super easy. Now go shower. You only have 2 and half minutes and another 2 and half to get dressed. I’m timing you.


How handy is this kit!


The 50 shades of grey you’ll be needing. Lol. No sis. Not like that.

Gather your tools: using the blues and greys of the kit, some craft glitter stars, and a fluffy eyeshadow brush you’re going to look swanky in no time.


After priming and foundation-ing your skin; start with your base colour. It looks like I’ve used a few shades but I’ve stuck to the lightest blue/grey in the top left of the image only. Map out how you’d like your constellation to run and start building colour in the middle. The universe is expanding remember! Gotta blend out the edges.


Next up, follow with the purple/grey on the top right mixed in with the darker greys at the bottom. Work in various tones and build certain areas up more than others but leaving the edges fairly shaded. Pay attention to the higher points on your face, my nose ended up being a focal area just because it picked up more pigment while I was blending.


Finally, adding the glitter! I used an earbud and swished it in the bottom right silver glitter and plopped it on in different parts. This acts as a glue for the silver craft stars, but also adds the “Diamonds in the Sky” to this look. Next up stick a couple of silver stars wherever you feel like it.

Here’s the final look:


Slick on some lip balm and you’re aces! This honestly takes no time to do and quite frankly, I felt so beautiful in it. Odd, but if I didn’t risk being sent to a padded cell I’d probably wear this or my halloween costume make up every day. Maybe I have a thing for cosplay. :P

Have fun at MCQP my little Space Cowboys & girls!

Cheerio and diamonds in the sky



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