MCQP & Madame Zingara Lips for out of this world

We’ve done nail art, two face make-up tutorials and now it’s time for some lip looks.


The Love Magic Train Case comes with 4 shades of red/pink lipsticks. For the ombre lips (see below) we used the pinks shades but for the red we decided to recreate for the iconic Padme Amidala lips. Anyone who thinks of Stars Wars and make-up, you can’t avoid bringing those beautiful geisha inspired lips to mind.


Start by filling in your lips with concealer. You can use any type you wish but just make sure it doesn’t dry out your lips throughout the evening. I used a Yardley oatmeal stick as it’s formula it very creamy and won’t dry matte.


To begin, outline your top lip fully and coat with about 2-3 layers. We want this look to be bold! Then draw a line down the centre of your lip and create a line (think 60 degrees) on both side from the bottom of the centre line to the sides of it. So essentially you’re be trying to create a small V shape once you full everything in. Again make sure to layer, layer, layer and be as precise as possible and if you do make a mistake you can always use your concealer to cover it up!


What’s MORE cosmic than ombre lips? We’ve spoken about ombre lips before (see here) but we thought we’d make them a bit more dramatic for MCQP. We used three of the four lipsticks in the Madame Zingara Case (we decided not to use the red shade).  This look is perfect if you’re going with very hectic eyes for the party. We used a darker colour in the middle of the lips to draw the attention there and faded the rest of the colours out towards the corners, ending with the lightest colour on the corners of the mouth. Send us photos of your MCQP make-up looks!

Love and lightsabers,



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