It’s Raining Giveaways

Hi Everyone!

The lovely folks at Rain sent us some products to review aaaaaaaaand to giveaway! Yay! Rain focuses on handmade products using naturally sourced ingredients from Africa. They mainly produce bath and body products but also include home ware in their range too. So stick around while we take a look at some of their products from the Rain Wild Cotton range.


The Wild Cotton Range is made up of a clean, unisex fragrance with marine woody notes. neroli, bergamot, basil , musk and jasmine.

Wild Cotton Body Cream


This body cream is seriously thick. And moisturising. And smells ah-mazing! Probably because it contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and organic wild-harvested marula oil. And the smell is fresh and citrusy. I like a thick body cream as apposed to a lotion because the moisture you get from a cream vs a lotion is so much more and I feel it doesn’t sit on the surface but melts and stays on and within your skin. I enjoy that it comes in a jar, but once the product starts to run out you better hope your hand is small enough to reach the bottom! – Beth

Wild Cotton Mist


This room mist contains woody notes with hints of fern, patchouli and basil. According to Rain it is not pressurized and so does not contain CFCs which are harmful to the environment. Because it is not bottled under pressure you get a lot more liquid for your buck. What I like the most about this product is that is multipurpose and has a non-staining formula so it can be used on clothing, bed linen, towels, pillows, as a body perfume or to refresh a room as an air mist. Nice! – Beth

Giveaway products!


WIN these two Wild Cotton products from Rain!

Wild Cotton Body Lotion

The first thing I noticed about this body lotion was that it wasn’t a very ‘girly’ fragrance. I’m not into very heavy floral lotions because I feel like it’s competing with my perfume and that I’ll be smelling like a million different things and isn’t that like a big no-n0? I remember watching some episode of something where some woman had the Chanel body lotion and the perfume so that she only had one smell – bit too fancy for me! This fragrance is quite neutral, and could totally work for guys too. The packaging is also gender-neutral (gift idea for dads/boyfriends/brothers who need to moisturise!)

The body lotion is quite light, which I’m pretty into. I’m not a big fan of body butter and that stuff. It’s quickly absorbed which I LOVE. Ain’t nobody got time to arb around while your moisturiser sinks in. It’s a great body lotion for summer, and it makes me rather excited to moisturise, which is a big deal for me because I’m rather lazy – Jess

Olive Oil Soap – Baobab

I think that this soap would make a great gift for family and friends visiting from over seas. It’s truly African in that it contains oils from baobab trees! Smells divine, lathers up nicely in the bath or shower and leaves you feeling soft and fresh due to the rosemary, olive, coconut, sunflower and palm oils that makes up this soap. Check out our competition rules below to win one along with the Rain Body Lotion – Beth

Competition: So if you want to get your hands on some gorgeous handmade Rain products, please leave us a comment below telling us why you would like to win this giveaway. If your name gets chosen you’ll be receiving the Olive Oil Baobab Soap AND Wild Cotton Body Lotion. Winner will be announced this friday 20 December.

You can shop for Rain products online and they have stores across the country but can also ship to the US and Europe. Cool :)





  1. These products sound so nourishing and enriching, I would love to treat my skin with them.

  2. Simply put… I’m a rain-a-holic. I discovered them this year and have not looked back since.

  3. thankyou for this giveaway whoaaaaa
    i love Wild Cotton Mist bec i need it (hahahaha)
    i means seriously, i really active outside with all my daily activity
    i dancing everyday and i really need this mist heheheh

    wish me luck this time
    thanks a lot^^

  4. I would love to win and the Olive Oil Baobab soap sounds especially divine – during a time when we feel so proudly South African. There is something so primal about the sense of smell. Add in a great lather and what more can you ask for? The body lotion would be a fantastic addition as my skin gets dry so easily this time of the year because it get exposed to salty sea water! :)

  5. Astrid Julies · · Reply

    Great giveaway. I realy love Rain products…”created for living”. The packaging and quality are great and a real plus is that the soap cantains oil elements from the Baobab tree

    1. Congratulations Astrid! You’ve won yourself the prize :) Please send us your details at or you can contact us with a direct message on our facebook page x

  6. Aaaah! I would absolutely love to win this because Rain goodies are AMAZING, Olive oil is good for your skin so I know I can’t go wrong using the soap and who doesn’t want to smell like Cotton on a summers day?!? I know I do! :) Holding thumbs for this absolute spoil xxx

  7. I’d love to win the giveaway! I think the lotion sounds awesome, and like you I don’t like body butters that much either! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  8. I would love to win this product. I have really sensitive skin, so I have to try products that have minimum fragrance and are natural. It gets expensive trying to find something, so I would definitely love to win this to see if it helps! :)

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