Festive Nails that Can Stay for New Years Eve!

So over the festive season we’re swamped with too much food and parties to attend that doing your nails seems like the most tiresome and time consuming thing you may have to do. Here’s three looks that requires minimal work to change the look completely.


Gather your tools: for this entire look you’ll need, a good solid Christmas-y red like Essie Bordeaux; an opaque white like this nail art duo from Revlon, Topshop xxx for some dazzle, a sponge and your favourite topcoat.


Start off with your basic  red. Having a well polished mani for your work end of year is both a more work appropriate year sleek and tres chis. Apple two coats of the Essie Bordeaux over your favourite base coat. Depending on your work environment, it’s the most classic and conservative style. We also love a good solid red on short nails- very Prada.


Next up, on Christmas Eve put a dollop of the Revlon white on some paper and sponge on a bit of the white. It looks like snow falling! It’s also dry in no time so you can top with your favourite topcoat and have all the time in the world to eat all the mince pies.


Finally, it’s New Years Eve and that means SPARKLE! So sponge on some of the gold from Topshop and top up with a bit more of your topcoat.

Three really easy but different festive looks with minimal effort and more time to celebrate the end of the year!

Happy holidays

Love and festive wishes,



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