Smudged does MCQP

Over the last few weeks I’ve been TOO excited for MCQP. We’ve posted inspiration, tutorials and I’ve had little dance parties in lounges about just how excited I was. When the day finally arrived I honestly just didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to MCQP before, but I’d heard amazing things so I thought I knew what I was in for. Just to be clear, if you have never been to MCQP before, you have NO IDEA what you’re in for. I was blown away with the effort people put into their make-up and their outfits. BLOWN AWAY. The theme this year, if you didn’t know, was Space Cowboys. On Saturday night I saw many cowboys, a few Darth Vaders, a couple of indians, so many guys in underwear (HOT), an astronaut or two, some galaxies (that was us!) and so much more. I wish I’d taken more photos of everyone’s outfits but I was just too busy having THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

Getting ready for the evening started at about 2pm, with a few gin & tonics in the sun, then it was time to get serious. Nails were the first point of call. I put fake nails on one of the guys, then we spray painted his fingers black and silver, it looked super awesome! I was a bit scared of the spray paint and how long it would take me to get it off my fingers, so I went with something a little more subtle.


I used Accessorize in School Shirt as my base coat. The TipTop Rocky Road glitter for the big glitter chunks. Lastly, I did two coats of the silver glitter nail polish that we got in the make-up kits from Madame Zingara. I was pretty happy with how my cosmic nails came out! Once the nails had finally dried, it was make-up time.

Before MCQP, I had never touched so many different people’s faces in one night. I was putting BB cream on complete strangers, and it was so much fun! (I also did get asked if I was a make-up artist, which I’m claiming). The boys wanted ‘blank canvases’ as they called them, perfect skin and dark eyes. I used Garnier BB cream on almost all of them, it was perfect and light enough but gave them enough coverage. I used a bit of liquid liner, mascara, and some highlighter (EVERYONE LOVES CHEEKBONES) and they were ready to go.

Us girls got a bit more intense with the make-up. That’s just what we did. I got toooo much inspiration off Pinterest, and this is what happened:


My friends and I were kinda going for Sith Lords, let me know if you think that’s a bit of a stretch, HA! My Accessorize Palette came in very handy (as it always does!) and went heavy with the eye make-up because you know, MCQP only happens once a year!

Our outfits were pretty amazing, and I have my darling friend Charl to thank for that. He was the master mind behind our clothes and make-up- even had make-up trials the Wednesday night before MCQP so to see how it would all come together. The key to a good night at MCQP is PREPARATION. I mean, Charl spray painted shoes for me; we went all out!



This is what I looked like, a bit of a hot mess, but it was so much fun!


Smudged x A Fashion Friend fo MCQP – was so lovely to see you ladies!


Just to wrap this all up, if you’ve never been to MCQP before, you HAVE to go next year. It’s going down for me as one of the greatest nights I’ve had. You get to dress up like crazy people, dance like a hot mess and have the most fun. And you make new friends, say hello to my new bestie above- he’s the best!

We’d love to know if you went to MCQP and what you wore! Send us some photos to or tweet them to us @smudgedbeauty. SHARE THE LOVE.

Love, space cowboys and fairy lights.



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