Our New Years Resolutions

Happy 2014 dearests! How is the year treating you so far? Are you in full-on resolution mode or still working on the leftover Christmas confectionary?


I’m gearing up for the ol’ ‘New year, new me’ thing, which should kick in in about a week. Now’s the time to wax lyrical about all the green tea-drinking/yoga-doing/travelling/book-reading/goji berry-eating we’re going to do this year, and why not extend that to beauty? Here are a few resolutions we have for the new year…


1. Mo’ care of my hair
I feel like this is a really grown up thing to do. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to looking after my hair and avoid going to a salon for months (or years, whoops) on end and DIY’ing my fringe all the time. This year my plan is to use treatments (which frighten me) and go for semi-regular trims.

2. Perfect skin combo
My skin has been looking pretty darn good over the last two weeks but I really want to tailor my skincare into a good solid line of products that keep my skin even and glowing. I’m also adding: use a separate SPF everyday.

3. Eye Shadowwww
Stop being afraid of the darn things. I have fears of my 16 year old self loving a bronze smokey eye which creased to hell. Stop that shit, you know how to solve that nonsense now, Jodi.

4. All I see is signs, All I see is dollah signs
This is a big one for me. I’m a frugal gal of note and often feel bad about spending money on buying products/clothing/anything aside from stationary. It’s a need/want thing with me. So if I say I want something, I’m going to be brave and buy it and not feel an inch of remorse. I don’t mean get all spendy because I do spend a lot of time researching what I want to purchase, I just won’t allow any buyer’s remorse for doing so.

5. New Brands for a New lady
I’m trying to be a grown up and shit as you can tell from the above but I tend to use the same brands all of the time and I’m getting over it. I’ve bought my first goodies off feelunique.com and shall be making some more online purchases of brands we don’t get in good ol’ SA, as well as trying ones I haven’t before but have stared longingly at.


1. Taking off my make-up after a night out before I go to sleep or even if it’s just been an hour of wear. I am the worst at this, even though I wear a full face of make-up like three times a month, it’s super important to remove make-up and I could be much better at it! I find using  a wipe easier than a small cotton pad when I’m spinning from booze and don’t want to ruin pillowcases with mascara.

2. I would like to take extra care of my skin. Last year I was big into clearing up my skin with good basic products like a cleanser and moisturiser and now I’d like to advance onto the big guns like serums, AHAs and masks, etc. I’m turing twenty five in a couple of weeks and I want to start investing into improving my skin now before the damage is done.


3. Suncream. Because duh.

4. Maintaining my beauty habits or lack thereof. I hardly use body creams, I visit my hairdresser like every 4 months and my hair looks sad for weeks before I do anything, I let my leg hair grow out before I wax it (could use epilator), I rarely use face masks, I’ve never had my nails done or had a facial, tint my eyelashes/brows on a regular basis, exfoliate twice a week, rah rah rah. You get it. I would like to start a Sunday beauty routine where I get into a habit of maintaining the things I constantly think about and just do them each week.


1. Never go to bed with make-up on
I’m really bad at this, and I hardly ever wash my face before I go to bed. I’ve decided that I need to sort this out because I turn 25 this year and I’m getting my life in order.

2. Learning new make up tricks
This year I want to really expand my skills when it comes to make-up. Like every month learning a new skill, there are so many YouTube videos out there, and I’m going to learn as much as I can

3. Step out of my comfort zone
I always do the same make-up and this year I’m going to try new things. Purple eyeliner, hectic eyeshadow and a whole lot of things that I’ve been too scared to try before.


1. SPF! Seriously, I am a vampire living in Africa, how have I survived without wearing sunscreen every day?
I’ve started using Boots Solei SP SPF 50 (from Clicks) on my face and so far so good.


2. Stop being such a playa. I find it really, really hard to commit to a product line. I want to try ALL the make-up!
This year I need to use up the crazy amount of make-up I already own (I could sponsor Ru Paul’s Drag Race and still have leftovers), and find the right skincare products and stick with them.

3. Work out the hair situation.
I am 10% awesome Ariel, 90% regrowth. Now that I’m a grown-up (pfft) I better sort that shiz out.

4. Find more cruelty-free brands to support.
My love for MAC often blinds me when it comes to ethical purchases. This year I need to support companies that make a difference.

5. Chill out.
I’m fairly obsessive when it comes to beauty rituals. Although I enjoy it, I need to remember that no one cares if my cuticles haven’t been moisturised for 2 days. I don’t even care that much. So this year I want to have fun and not take it all too seriously :)

What resolutions do you guys have for 2014? Let us know @smudgedbeauty!





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